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Rudolf Steiner—An Essential Man For Our Times

Rudolf Steiner is one of those great true Renaissance Men. He was a mystic with knowledge of the higher worlds. He had studied Goethe and derived greater ideas, which he explored later in his life. He brought forth to the world a spiritual science in the form of Anthroposophy - a study of divinity of humankind and life. Founder of the Waldorf Schools it is now spread worldwide; an integration of play, music, art, self-taught learning. He is the founder of bio-dynamic gardening which today is vitally important, among other disciplines of life. He brought a lot of innate knowledge and wisdom about the purposeful meaning of healing and how humans access their own inner source. He was an architect and devised sculptures and he was an artist. Why is he being brought back to our times? Steiner was one of the great social activists back in the late 1800s; social justice, human equality, and social institutions that needed to be impartial, and all men and women on the planet being equal. Deep to the core of his mysticism is his wisdom in high knowledge, Rosicrucianism, alchemy, astrology and his ability to read the Akashic records. His spiritual knowledge as an historian of all spiritual traditions is broad, going back to Pangea, Atlantis and other civilizations and humanity's history. The centrality of humankind can only be of the Christ Consciousness on earth. This was brought from the High Dimensions by Jesus earlier because of the chaos on earth. The essence of the Christ Consciousness as state of heightened super consciousness of unity was talked about by Steiner. With a massive intellect and a kind person Rudolf Steiner is an essential person for our time for his wisdom and knowledge that will be brought forward for humanity now and in the future.

Yogananda—Bright Spiritual Warrior of All Time

Paramahansa Yogananda is a Spiritual Warrior teacher for all time. A great Spiritual Master. Born in 1893 in India, in the earliest part of life he trained earlier on with Lahiri Mahasaya and then with his personal guru Sri Yukteswar. He became a devotee of his root guru of Mahavatar Babaji Nagaraj who is known as Krishna incarnate and Shiva/Shakti. One of the greatest books that Yogananda wrote is Autobiography of a Yogi. He also wrote The Second Coming of Christ as well as his interpretation of the Bhagavad Gita.  Yogananda had a peacemaker nature, a spiritual warrior teacher, and had absolute inner balance of his masculine and feminine energy. He had an incomparable great mind, great logic and infathomable spiritual heart. What he has brought to the world in the 21st Century will endure well beyond 5000 years from now is his enjoyment of the spirituality of science; including physics, biology, botany and psychology with the great science of spirituality, spiritual truths, higher dimensions and the great immortal truths of the Hindu tradition particularly Kundalini Kriya Yoga. He taught how a person can attain God Knowledge and finding Self-realization. Paramahansa Yogananda has also given us the daily techniques for spiritual personal psychological evolution.

Rabi’a al-Adawiyya—Female Sufi Mystic

Rabi'a Al-Adawiyya, female Sufi mystic lived between 717 - 801 CE. Rabi'a started life in Iraq as a poor daughter of kind parents. Sold into slavery on a trip to Mecca, she pined to be free to serve God in her search for Divine Love. A doctor, healer, philosopher and poet, she is a perfect archetypal person for our 21st Century.

Swami Vivekananda Wise Vedanta Teacher For All Time

Here we describe the life of Swami Vivekananda and his search early on in his life to find a teacher who actually knew God. He found such a man in Rama Krishna whom he eventually trained under. Vivekananda is an important man for our time. He came over to North America in 1893 and received a rousing welcome. With his profoundly wise mind and intellect he brought forth the wisdom of Vedanta to the West - Bhakti, Karma, and Raja Yoga philosophy.

RAMAKRISHNA 1836 – 1886

Paramahansa Ramakrishna was born in the 19th Century in India into a poor Brahmin family. He was a mystic. He was a devotee of the Divine Feminine, Kali, Bhakti yogi and a Shiva devotee. Ramakrishna lived in a perpetual state of Nirvikalpi Samadhi and you could say he was the first Universalist as he saw Islam and Christianity as paths up the same mountain to the one peak. He was well versed in the ancient Vedic texts and his ecstatic experiences started when he was 6 years of age. Although he was married to Sarada Devi, the marriage was never consummated – rather she became a devotee to her husband as a spiritual counterpart and considered herself an emanation of the Divine Feminine on the planet. When Paramahansa Ramakrishna passed into Spirit, he passed on his spiritual powers to Vivekananda who was the first of his 12 disciples who travelled to the West.

SARADA DEVI 1856 – 1920

Sri Sarada Devi is the incarnation of the Divine Feminine  - The Holy Mother. She was the spiritual consort of Paramahansa Ramakrishna and was promised to him at age 5, as was the tradition of her Brahmin caste. When Sarada Devi was 18 years she moved into the Temple to be with Ramakrishna and although their marriage was not consummated, she became the monastic householder supporting Ramakrishna and all the students in the way of keeping the temple and cooking for everyone along with some of the other women in the temple. Her day began at 3 a.m. in the morning when she would chant mantras to the Divine Mother until her day started a couple of hours later whereupon she would initiate devotees, men and women in spiritual life and devotional divine presence. After Ramakrishna passed into Spirit, she travelled to the north of India and continued her service. On her passing at the age of 67 years she shared with devotees not to find fault in anyone, not to judge them rather to see one’s own faults and to see the whole world as one family.

Shamsi-i-Tabriz and Rumi – Eternal Divine Human Lovers

An overview of the love and friendship that Shams-i-Tabriz, great mystic with rare gifts and insights, shared with Rumi – the renowned scholar and poet born in 1207 on the eastern edge of the Persian Empire. Shams-i-Tabriz and Rumi became life-long friends, divine human lovers and soul mates, and Rumi welcomed Shams as his spiritual mentor. When Shams was killed by Rumi’s son out of jealousy for their relationship, Rumi was distraught and wrote thousands of lyric poems and short quatrains in honour of his friend Shams-i-Tabriz. They are poems of divine epiphany, spiritual awakening friendship and love.

GURU NANAK – Founder of the Sikh Tradition

Exploring the life of Guru Nanak of the Sikh Tradition we learn that he was born in 1469 in Lahore Pakistan and lived to 1539.  He was the first of the 10 Sikh Gurus and his teachings are based on the principle that there is only one God based on equality, fraternal love, goodness and virtue. He was a saintly, godly and knowledgeable man. He spoke of the dangers of egotism and shared through music and Sikh mantras the revelatory verses of God Union, singing God’s names and qualities. He warned of hypocrisy and lies. He made 4 major journeys to spread the music. He is a person and has a message for our time – and that is for us all to embrace each other as brothers and sisters on one God.

MILAREPA – Tibet’s Greatest Yogi

Born Jetsun Milarepa in 1062 into a noble family he became Tibet’s greatest yogi. The story goes that his father passed away and his aunt took all the wealth that was left for her and her family – leaving Milarepa, his mother and sibling destitute. Milarepa’s mother wanted revenge and sent him away to learn sorcery. When he returned, he used this dark energy to bring on a powerful storm at the time of his aunt’s son’s wedding. The storm killed 35 of his relatives.  As time went on Milarepa met Marpa the Translator who was searching the country for a teacher. Marpa instructed Milarepa. The task he gave him was to build 7 stupas with rocks 7 levels high and then to dismantle each one placing the stones where he found them.  The 7 stupas represent the 7 chakras and the cleansing of the chakras, karma, intentions, feelings and emotions. Milarepa knew himself to be released from good and evil. He said he had in his maturity returned to his innocence and he destroyed the root of karmic action and the idea of no reason for action in the future. He participated in what is known as supernatural running and travelling skills, which is a great feat running distances in the alpha state. Marpa taught him that revenge is wrong. Milarepa went on to create 100,000 songs of dharma and enlightened consciousness. He is the ideal Bodhisattva for his uncompromising discipline and resolute renunciation – and in actuality is the incarnation of Babaji Nagaraj. He lived to 1135 CE.


Geronimo was born to the Chiricahua Apache in SW New Mexico and lived from 1829 to 1909. He was married at age 17 and had a son. In 1851 Mexican soldiers plundered and destroyed his community and killed family members including his wife and son. It was after this event that he decided he needed to look after his family. He was a brilliant strategist and freedom fighter to save the sacred lands and his people, elders and children. In all the years he was hunted with his people he was able to evade the Mexicans and US Cavalry both before during and even after the America Civil War. It was only when he was much older that he was captured and sent to Florida to a mosquito infested prison where much of his community became infected from disease and died. He eventually died of pneumonia. Geronimo stayed true to his traditional ways and walked the Jesus road.

LAO TZU Simplicity, Patience, Compassion

Lao Tzu was the keeper of the archives for the Court of Zhou. He was the founder of Taosim and the Tao Te Ching. He was conceived when his mother gazed up to the heavens and saw a shooting star. The story goes he was in her womb for 62 years. He had an enormous impact on Chinese culture and lived at the same time as Confucius although their interests were slightly different. There is a story that either Lao Tzu taught the Buddha or he is the Buddha. More recently he has been recognized as a God. After a while, recognizing the corruptness of the court he went into exile and into silence. He wrote the Tao Te Ching which is cosmology – self-awakening awareness, meditation and that desires upset the Tao balance. Return to Nature and not to action and be in the flow. Wu Wei – is the concept of do nothing; and he espoused the virtues of simplicity and humility.  When goodness is lost it is replaced by immorality and competition. The best people are those who are like water – flowing and fluid. Some of his sayings: Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. Kindness in words creates confidence; in thinking profoundness; in giving creates love.


Kwan Yin is known as the merciful Goddess of the East Asian Buddhist tradition - with a thousand arms to comfort those who are in a personal struggle and challenge. To the Taoists she is an immortal Goddess. She took vows to be a Bodhisattva as the immortal embodiment of compassion and kindness and to hear the cries of people suffering, the sound of lamentation. As an immortal being, Kwan Yin is androgynous and in some Buddhist Temples is portrayed as a young man – Avalokiteshvara in whose lineage the Dalai Lama is from. In China she is portrayed as a young woman in a white robe with a vase of water in her right hand and a willow branch in her left hand and the crown of the Amitabha Buddha on her head. Kwan Yin has links to Mother Mary, Isis, the White Buffalo Woman and many other cosmologies and myths. Her energies are very much needed in this time.


While some scholars suggest that Metatron is Enoch transformed into an angel, He is also so much more. In the Rabbinic tradition He is the highest of angels and the celestial scribe of The Book of Life. He sits at the right hand of God and has one million eyes of light looking in all directions to observe and witness all.
Mentioned in both the Jewish and Christian traditions more particularly the Kabbalists suggest there are two Metatrons – represented by the 6 letters of the Prince of Countenance within the Divine Palace and the 7-lettered Primordial Metatron from Source, the tenth and last emanation of the earthly Divine Presence. Much knowledge of Metatron is found in the Books of Enoch and Apocryphal texts. Metatron’s cube is the sacred geometry of the Tree of Life and the Flower of Life, within which are all sacred geometries of the Star of David, the Tetrahedron, Hexadedron, Octahedron, Dodecahedron, Icosahedron, the 5 Platonic Solids. The double Tetrahedron represents the human energy body’s cube within a cube or Tesseract.
Metatron is second only to the Creator is Source. He is all seeing, all-knowing, all wise, all endowing. Beyond our Solar System, Metatron rules all the galaxies and dimensions.


Magnetism is the greatest attractor, which creates a field of energy. In physics it is the most primordial power. Prior to creation, dark energy was the non-polarized field of potential. Out of this came dark matter, which polarized the kinetic field of creation. Magnets define the North and South poles of our planet -- dipoles.
The Source and all galaxies and stars are polarized Being just as the Sun is a core key magnet and being of light, heat, flares, love and consciousness.  Gravity is magnetism and is love which keeps us together and keeps the planets in revolution around the Sun. Diploes attract their opposite pole -- this is the movement of energy in field. And likened to the spiritual biomagnetism of humans: in other worlds the North Pole is the head and the South Pole the feet. We need the energetic attraction connection to other magnets over our head and under our feet. In the alignment of our physical bodies through the energetic power channels that run through the human spine -- the ida, pingala encased by the sushumna, with the physical body and magnetics of the earth, we integrate our four bodies and 7 to 16 chakras that reach up through the chakra of the higher self, the moon, sun, Milky Way Galaxy and all the way up to the Source. It was said that Buddha had such an expanded energy field that people could feel his presence and magnetic field from 50 kilometers away. This integration is healthy for relationships, congruity, integrity, harmony and balance. It would be far more beneficial to state that whole people create whole people as opposed to opposites attracting.


Archangel Michael or Mikael as he is also known as is known is the three great world traditions of Judaism, Christianity and in the Islamic world. In the Book of Revelation Mikael leads God’s armies against Satan’s forces, where during war in Heaven, Mikael defeats Satan or Lucifer as he is also known by and who is the twin of Mikael.
Archangel Mikael is a real being and part of our cosmological story. There are numerous artistic depictions in wood cut and sculpture of Mikael. Churches are dedicated in his name around the world, particularly Cornwall, - St. Michael’s Mount, and St. Michael’s Monastery in Kiev, Ukraine. Other Churches or Monasteries around the world are found in France, Europe, Orders of Chivalry and Eastern Europe. Cathedrals are also found in Toronto, Russia, China and Brussels.
There are four main Archangels. Each Archangel has their own age of dispensation. From 1872 Archangel Mikael took over as the reigning Archangel of the time for about 300 years or so. Each dispensation brings the revelation of many values with Michael’s revelation as the unity of flesh and spirit – looking at man as a supersensible being; addressing deep social questions of our time, self-knowledge and the strata of consciousness. Mikael is the counter pole to the Ahrimanic material influence on the planet at this time. The ancient Yoga culture and the New I AM Yoga will be antidote of the internal and external future war of  the All Against All.


Deganawideh stood for Peace, Power, Righteousness, Truth and Justice. He brought the Great Law of Peace the Kayenerehkowa in the 13th and 14th Centuries. He was a Wendat Huron and was born in the Horseshoe Valley with many brothers and sisters. Deganawideh built the spiritual-social-political-organizational Longhouse – a living tradition that still stands today. He brought together the Six Nations of the Haudenosaunee. He organized 49 chiefs selected by clan Mothers to keep consensus and the peace.  He spoke of The White Tree of Peace, to bury hatred, greed, jealousy and weapons under the Tree. The Eagle sits on top to guard the peace and 5 arrows bind together the unbreakable one heart, one mind, one drum, one people.


The Baal Shem Tov was born in Poland in 1698 and lived in the last part of his life in Western Ukraine, which is now attracting some attention. This talk is not to focus on the physicality of the life of Baal Shem Tov – rather to focus on the man himself and who he was. The Besht as he is known had a deep, complete emotional connection to God, Spirit and The Source. The Besht’s highly compassionate sensitivity was to all common people, Jew and non-Jew. He would dress in common clothing so he could mix and mingle with all the common people in the market. He felt the descent was necessary for the sake of ascent of others. Together with the Baal Shem Tov were his students who were happy, dancing and filled with the joy of Spirit. He based his teachings and wisdom on the Kabbalah of Isaac Luria – The Ari. When the Baal Shem Tov always spoke of going to the Holyland – this was not in reference to the physical location of the Holyland. For the Besht – the Holyland was the center of his heart and he got there in his consciousness. This is where he met the Messiah – in the ascent of his Soul of Light.


Isaac Luria or the Arizal or the Ari as he is known, was born in Jerusalem and lived from 1534 to 1572. Before his birth, his mother received the message that the soul born to her would be a deliverer of people from evil and darkness. In fact his message was that all souls can receive their tikkune – or correction, through the light, wisdom, truth and mercy. He revealed many hidden mysteries of the Torah and the universe. He also brought the light through the Zohar (Splendour, Radiance). For the Ari it was the message not the messenger that was important and it is time for the message to go worldwide and to resonate in everyone’s consciousness and conscience. He meditated on the banks of the Nile for 7 years, where he lived in Egypt for some years after his maternal uncle took him in. he was initiated through his conversations with Elijah the Prophet. He later moved to Safed in Northern Israel. One soul who was with the Ari as his student was Hayyim Vital – the scribe for the Ari who did not write anything down.  The Ari knew Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai in spirit having lived in a cave for some time. Vital wrote “Tree of Life” and many other books. The Ari accomplished much in his 38 years of life.


Chief Joseph was born March 3rd 1840 and lived to September 21, 1904. His name means Thunder Rolling Down the Mountains. He was a shrewd negotiator, military strategist, had nobility of character, calmness, charming and responsive. He was a good listener.

With the westward expansion of the whites to Turtle Island – Chief Joseph realized although he opened his heart and was willing to listen to the whites and agree to the Treaties that meant the land his people – the Nez Perces were settled on was diminishing rapidly, he could no longer trust the white people. He decided to take his tribe up to the 49th Parallel – which was and still is the border of Canada at Alberta with the US. He was only two miles away from the border and had to surrender when the cavalry surrounded his group.

The Nez Perce suffered much loss of life, and Chief Joseph himself lost a great part of his closest family in death to battle and disease.  He spent the remainder of his life trying to negotiate for equality and the honouring of the treaties for his people. He did so in vain – even his journey with Yellow Bull to visit the President of the US came to no avail.

When he died – the physician who examined Chief Joseph said he died of a broken heart. Sickened by the loss of his family; the disregard for the land, animals and his people, his message and spirit is still present today to inspire courage, hope and a vision for a more equitable society. At this time of the turning of the civilization  - Chief Joseph’s words will captivate the hearts of First Nations and all peoples who are native to the land.


Crazy Horse was born between 1838 and 1845 until September 5, 1877. Tashunke Witko was of the Oglalla Sioux. His mother gave him the name Cho-O-Ha - In the Wilderness, among the trees; one with nature. His father and grandfather were also called Crazy Horse.

When Crazy Horse was born his father took the name Worm and gave Crazy Horse his name. Rattling Blanket was his mother and she died when he was 4 years. At the age of 13 years he went on a vision quest. He learned that he would be invulnerable if he gave everything away.

The love of his life was Black Buffalo Woman who eventually married No Water. No Water was very jealous of their relationship and shot Crazy Horse in the side of his mouth. Crazy Horse married twice. The daughter from his first marriage died at age 3 yrs.

Crazy Horse was a mystic. His life was short however he had a great impact on his people and in history as he is now well known all over the world. In 1877 he was part of the last Sun Dance in which a number of warriors danced in his honour.


Black Elk was born December 1863 and lived to August 19, 1950. He was an Ogalalla Sioux and 2nd cousin to Crazy Horse. He had a vision when he was 9 years old. He was taken by the WAKINYAN the Thunder Beings into the six directions and into the centre of the earth, which is the centre of the heart for each of us and for the ONE HEART on the planet and in Creation.

He related of this experience: “And while I stood there I saw more than I can tell and understand more than I saw; for I was seeing in a sacred manner the shapes of all things in the Spirit and the shape of all shapes as they must live together like one being. And I saw that the sacred hoop of my people was one of many hoops that made one circle, wide as daylight and as starlight, and in the center grew one mighty flowering tree to shelter all the children of one mother and one father. And I saw that it was holy.”

Hehaka Sapa was a healer and medicine man. John G. Neihardt wrote the book “Black Elk Speaks.” Black Elk – Hehaka Sapa and all his medicine teachings can inspire us all.


Sitting Bull – Tatanka Yotanka was born in 1831 and lived to December 15, 1890. He was a Hunkpapa Lakota Holy man. He was born at Yellowstone River in Montana. Sitting Bull has a remarkable life story as one of the Great Chiefs and for the defeat of General Custer at the Battle of Little Big Horn.

Once the US Cavalry was determined to defeat Sitting Bull – he evaded them by crossing the border into Saskatchewan. There he met and befriended James Morrow Walsh who was in charge of the North West Mounted Police. Sitting Bull and his people lived in this region for four years having promised Walsh they would live by the Queen’s laws.

The people however were starving and conditions were harsh and so they returned to their homeland. Sitting Bull surrendered in July 19,1818 at Fort Buford. The Ghost Dance became popular at this time, and with the fear of Sitting Bull participating to inspire the people to ‘raise’ themselves – police were sent to his house and force him to give himself up to be jailed. Sitting Bull’s son Crow Foot shot at the police to secure the release of his father. Sitting Bull was shot twice and succumbed to his wounds. His wife and children were also killed. We have much to learn from and be inspired by Sitting Bull – a great visionary, warrior and Chief.


Poundmaker was born into the Plains Cree First Nations in Battleford, circa 1842 and lived to July 4, 1886. His name means “ attract buffalo into pounds.” He was gifted by the Spirit Helper Dendreah with the Buffalo power song. His father was an Assiniboine medicine man and his mother was mixed Cree. Both his parents died and he and his siblings were raised in the Red Pheasant band. In 1876 the Treaty 6 only produced failure. In 1973 Crowfoot adopted Poundmaker.

With the shortage of buffalo and food for the people, Poundmaker took his people to the town of Battleford to speak to the people in charge there. The whites were afraid and stayed in the fort for two days. Poundmaker took his people home again without the opportunity to speak to those in charge. The town was looted by white people who blamed Poundmaker. May 2, 1885 – 332 Canadian troops attacked Poundmaker’s camp. The army was forced to retreat, Poundmaker held the peace and did not fight. With Louis Riel’s defeat in 1885 – a letter from Louis Riel indicated that Poundmaker was connected to the revolt and Poundmaker was arrested for treason. He said these words:
Everything that is bad has been laid against me this summer, there is nothing of it true…Had I wanted war, I would not be here now. I should be on the prairie. You did not catch me. I gave myself up. You have got me because I wanted justice.

He was sentenced to a penitentiary. The sentence of 3 years was shortened to 7 months.

He died of a lung hemorrhage at age 44 in 1886. He was reburied on the Poundmaker Reserve in Saskatchewan.  At this time we are all encouraged to the Re-Indigenization of consciousness of all Canadians to bring peace, reconciliation, justice – now as never before. Our future as a united people and country depends on this one major process.


Joseph Onasenkenrat lived from September 4, 1845 to February 8, 1818. He was the Chief of Kanesatake and was 36 years when he passed. He was a learned man and spoke a number of languages. He was invited to become secretary for the Sulpician Mission Church. He realized that their mandate was one of divide and conquer and he complained of cruel unjust treatment by the Sulpicians.

He travelled to Ottawa to speak to the Superintendant of Indian Affairs and petitioned the government to return stolen lands to the Mohawks, talking of the exploitation of Natives and intentionally keeping them impoverished. He was threatened with excommunication and left the Catholics to join the Methodists. In 1876 he was ordained a Methodist minister. He translated the Bible into Mohawk, and the Gospels up to the Epistle and to Hebrews. He was jailed for taking some of his men and cutting down an elm tree as a signal of defiance. He was invited to Montreal to attend a Sulpician ball. His food was poisoned and he died the following morning. He was purposefully murdered because of his political and religious influence. The next morning a priest came to his home and took his body.

Joseph Onasenkenrat fought for justice, peace, land and the rights of the people which is something that is still going on today.


Buckminster or Buckie as he liked to be known was born in July 12, 1895 and lived until July 1, 1983. He was an American neo-futurist architect, systems theorist, inventor and primarily of the geodesic dome, designer, author, carbon fullerines and Transcendentalist.

Buckie was an environmental activist writing about the issues we face today in the 1940's/50's and 60's. He ultimately chose to embark on "an experiment," to find what a single individual (could) contribute to changing the world and benefitting humanity. He spoke and wrote about: 
Tensegrity or tensional integrity; Instairs and outstairs, Dymaxion or Dynamic Maximum Tension, World-around or global, Spaceship Earth Instruction Manual.


Saint Germain was born in the early 1700’s. Godfre Ray King wrote 20 volumes about St. Germain known as the Great Divine Director and associated with the Great White Brotherhood.  He is the Chohan or leader of the 7th ray – the violet ray. Each ray has a period of leadership for 2158 years. The violet ray is the ray for our time – Aquarius. 

He is the Lord of Civilization for our time. It was said his incarnations include Plato, Joseph the husband of Mary, Saint Alban, Proclus the Neoplatonic scholar, Roger Bacon and Sir Francis Bacon.  He appeared to die in 1726, and yet travelled to Romania as part of the Rakoczy family. The violet flame is used for karmic purification into the Christ Consciousness. Saint Germain attained his ascension to Spiritual Master in this life.


Archangel Raphael is mentioned in Judaism, Christianity and Islam:  In Judaism in the Book of Tobit; in Christianity – the Book of John. Archangel Raphael is known for his healing energy. Raphael is the patron of travelers, the blind, nurses and doctors, medical workers, marriage and demon dispossession.


Zoroaster was present on the planet between 200 and 1500 BCE. It is said that in his 30th year he had an experience with Ahura Mazda – the good, light wisdom Spirit who came out of the uncreated realms, and whose name means golden light or golden friend where Zoroaster was shown the principles of the Good religion and the good mind.

The Creator made good and bad spirits – bad spirits being created by Angra Mainyu – a demi-God, which is the evil, hostile, bad mind or evil twin particularly towards humans. Ahura Mazda did create Angra Mainyu. Evil beings or forces of good and evil exist in all the universes and they do have power. We see these archetypal forces of opposition are shown in our popular culture. Evil was created by the Creator to speed up human evolution and consciousness. Carl Jung has brought back this last century about the shadow and what we need to do about it.

In Zoroastrianism comes the Yasna rituals or service still conducted by the priests with the Gathas or Hymns – the fire ceremony to maintain cosmic integrity of the good creation and to connect with the supreme Light.  Align our consciousness, heart, spirit and will to the one Light in a revelatory way. Understand humanity needs to transform the two sides of our nature and duality and this is in fact what humans are doing when we are conscious beings striving for peace and righteousness.

Another final ceremony in the Yasna ceremony is to offer things to the water – water is the most sacred element tied to the feminine, Goddess and the Moon who pulls the tides in the consciousness of our hearts and minds. This is the cleansing partly that we do internally both the fire and water to cleanse our bodies.

Eschatology is humankind’s purpose to strengthen the orderly spiritual or material creations of Mazda against the assault of the destructive forces of Angra Mainyu more commonly known as Ahriman – the evil one.

Attention of him was brought to us through Rudolph Steiner and all his teachings. He is trying to destroy humanity by creating an over intellectualization of our being and obliterating our spirit, emotions; the fact that we are a heart and physical being. He is only interested in the intellectual aspect and wants us to be bland intellectuals and beings lined up with technology, and science – this can and is destroying human nature and the earth.

It was clear for Steiner that this process is evolving in an increasing prevalent embodiment on the earth; pandemic in the collective psyche at this time.

The role of humans on the earth – we have the responsibility to take clearly and responsibly to look at the good and evil in ourselves and through our ceremonies always doing good in the spiritual war of all against all. It is in the human heart that this changes; with individuals one at a time coming to consciousness and realizing that they can make a difference on the planet at this time.


Adi Shankaracharya lived from 686 to 718 AD. He passed at a young age. He enjoyed great popularity due to his clear, rational manner in which he expressed the truth of spirituality. He made philosophical and metaphysical commentaries on the Brahma Sutras, Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita.

He travelled the Indian subcontinent discoursing and debating with philosophers, in monastic thought, renunciation, monasticism, self-control, devotion and bhakti- all the opposite values to the materialistic craving and devotion-less society then and now.

He was born to a childless couple, who when offered by Shiva to have a normal child who would live a long life, or a gifted child who would have a short life – both parents desired to have the latter. He did a Tour of Conquest converting all philosophies opposed to the Hindu sects organized in 4 Mathas, monasteries and news.

His teachings are based on the scriptures, reason, experience, spiritual practices. Through direct knowledge one can realize Brahman. He praised Buddha as the “emperor of yogis in the Kali Age.” Adi is considered the most brilliant personality in history of Indian thought; the pure form of Vedic thought. He espoused Bhakti and worship devotion to Vishnu and Govinda. Adi Shankaracharya wrote the book “Crest-Jewel of Discrimination,” which was translated by Prabhavananda and Isherwood.


In the Patanjali – Yoga Sutras the focus is on the 8 steps of mind, consciousness and conscious union with the Supreme Source Consciousness – the Atman.

Iyengar who just passed into Spirit spoke of the competition between the Self and body and higher consciousness and to know the Self and Soul as Spirit – not the body.

Yoga allows you to conquer the lower levels of your mind and reach peaks of Self-Realization through chakra and vibrational healing, clearing, expansion, frequency. Kundalini Kriya Yoga is most efficient in raising the energy up the spine to the 3rd eye of light.

Agastyar was gifted with 8 supernatural siddhis and powers through Lord Shiva, Mother Kali. He is the Father of the traditional Indian Ayurveda medicine and was able to diagnose and heal people of their fevers, cancers, impotence, abdominal, brain, eye, and bone issues. It is said he even brought people back from the dead. He is said to have lived for 5000 years.

Agastyar lived in the 6th to 7th Century BC, and was the teacher of Babaji Nagaraj around 200AD.  Yogananda mentions him in Autobiography of a Yogi.