Present World Events, Leadership & Futuristic Envisioning

Three Actions Steps for Our Future

This video talks about the three action steps that can be engaged upon to make a significant and long lasting positive results for the future in the way of Environmental Activism, Social Justice and Indigenous Truths.
Our civilization is at an historic turning point and the question is how is each and everyone of us going to respond to support the shift in global consciousness and a restructuring of all that needs our urgent attention at this time - whether it be the environment, social, economic or political issues at hand. The future of 7 generations from now is up to each one of us to envision and co-create something permanent, sustainable, enjoyable and abundant.

Nobody’s Right if Somebody is Left Out. Unifying Equality of Complementary Dualities In All Areas of Life

This talk is about how to unify the equality of complimentary dualities in all areas of life. The way forward is not to keep fighting as we have done for millions of years, but to integrate the great Law of Peace from Deganawideh, the great Mohawk Huron leader, speaker, teacher stated and all other great leaders who have been on the earth like Jesus, Buddha, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Mary Magdalene. There is a great Law of Peace that is hidden and buried inside our soul as a superconscious reality of truth and conciliation - it just has to come up from the unconscious. It is no longer useful to project our unconscious shadow onto others and judge them as being bad or wrong. Our human nature can grow beyond this infantile behaviour. We need to find our own complimentarily unity within the two sides of our own nature, which works from the inside out. Our inner shadow needs to come up and be transformed in forgiveness and reconnection to become your best friend. To show you the truest power in life is not about power over someone else, but rather the power of love within yourself first and power of healing transformation to be all-inclusive. It is the ability to acknowledge as Nelson Mandela has said, that we need to understand and acknowledge that we can respect the differences of others from different ethnic groups, religions, politics, values and attitudes, traditions, orientation. We all have the right to exist here.

Re-Indigenizing of Consciousness

This is the re-indigenizing of the individual and global consciousness. We are in gratitude to and bless the Source and All Our Relations. We are all One. We are all Native to the Earth. The blessing is to honour the One Creator, the One Source and thanking Him/Her for the Great Law of Peace that Deganawideh, The Peacemaker brought to us and thanking Him/Her for all the goodness and gifts that come to our hearts and for our lives on this planet. The path we are walking is the Good Red Road with the Good Red Heart - an open heart, vulnerable and empathetic heart. A heart that beats the one heart, one love, one drum of all our relations on the planet and that includes the two-leggeds, four-leggeds, the flyers, walkers, swimmers, crawlers, All of us in this one body. This talk is to share with you why it is so essential and critical thing for us to do on the planet other than saving fresh water for ourselves and growing our own food; reclaiming the need to keep Mother Earth alive with all Her resources, so that for many generations to come we can survive. Learn to indigenize your consciousness, no matter what religion, background, ethnicity you are. The oldest and most remaining positive and human roots on our planet are the earliest tribal cultures of the indigenous First Nations of the world, the ones who lived in the shamanistic tradition which is still with us today and re-emerging in the global consciousness of all generations, particularly in the young ones. There is a sense of value and respect for all our relations and all beings, kindness, empathy and compassion that is emerging in the global consciousness of all our colours, the rainbow colours. This is a time for creating bridges everywhere as the rainbow bridge which is the prophecy now coming true is the bridge between the Spirit world, the Blue Road of Spirit and the Red Road of the Earth Walk that we are all on. The Rainbow Bridge means that all the skin colours of the humans are welcome here on earth as one family. We are all one and we all have a role to play. The many facets of being that the Creator made us to be is really essential to be respectful, kind and supportive and acknowledge our differences and therein is the strength of our human family. One Heart, One Mind, One Drum ~ One Human Family. One Eagle Feather of truth, peace, love, freedom and respect.

Great Freedom Liberators and Leaders to Inspire Us Now

Starting with Jesus teaching about the power of love, forgiveness and mentoring, other leaders throughout the centuries like Lincoln, Leo Tolstoy, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Bob Marley and Nelson Mandela each bring a special message for the need for liberation both personal and collectively for the human race.

Emerging Wave for Global Personal Freedoms

History has shown this civilization and immediate past civilizations have been violently traumatic. Perhaps this is the time now for a global shift in consciousness, one that goes from nullification to liberation, meaninglessness to mercy, lies to love, deceit to deliverance, revenge to righteousness, propaganda to peace, death to life and living and from strangers to part of Self. All races, religions, cultures, ethnic groups, genders, ages need to be embraced inclusively and to know they each have value because we are all emanations of One Great Spirit and deserve a place at the table. Empathy for one and all is a calling that will shift the global consciousness to occupy love and right action on the planet today. Resistance is righteousness and respect.

Buddha and His Message For Our Tremulous Tipping-Point Times

We talk of Buddha and his message that you are familiar with. Buddha is well known in the world as Buddhism has spread worldwide to the West. Having studied all the Buddhist teachings and practices we need to start a whole new revolution of Buddhist awareness within ourselves. The Buddha predicted 2,500 years ago that the full teachings of final liberation would be taught to the world but would be quite watered down in this time of spiritual emotional density and people would not be able to access the deep inner truth yet. The truth is it has occurred.  We need to create a new revolution and revelation to end all suffering on the earth for the next 500 or 5,000 years and the Buddha’s Heart Sutra is the key for the upcoming times.


We need to ask ourselves where are the changes in the world leading us to as more and more of us wake up and become conscious on the planet. What can we expect and what does the turning point in the perfect social storm look like for us? Having studied and studied with the Indigenous Elders from many cultures around the globe it is clear that a great change is upon us. We are the ones we have been waiting for in terms of creating and preparing for this change. In learning how to survive the social storm we are returning to skill sets of our elders; how to stay healthy, adapt our lifestyles and finances, how to find our life purpose and live fulfilling sustainable lives. Through all of this we are re-inspiring and we are re-indigenizing ourselves for a more hopeful and positive future.

FINANCIAL CRUCIFIXION – The Killing Sword of Debt

Using the crucifixion of Jesus as a metaphor for the financial situation most of the world finds itself in today, we could say the thorny crown is one of debt; the sword is the banks who have immoral intentions and actions slicing into the right side of the chest; the nails of credit repayment and interest are hammered into the hands making the labour we do impossible to release our lifelong debt; nails of impoverishment and inequality hammered into our feet making it impossible to rise up of our financial cross and create a positive successful life. The term Massacre of the Innocents came with the death of the two year old boys at the behest of King Herod who wanted to kill off the future King of Israel as Jesus. He did this out of fear, to maintain power over others and keep his earthly financial kingdom. King Herod represents the banks, the stock markets, and other large institutions who create havoc, poverty, misery, landlessness by stealing resources, land, lives and souls. John Perkins ‘Confessions of an Economic Hitman’ is a great book to read on this topic. Get off the cross of victimhood and apathy and walk the long road of freedom to the Promised Land.

Collapse of Civilization – Knowledge and Know-How

A great resource on this topic is from Jared Diamond and his book and film with National Geographic – Collapse, dealing with the fall of the Anasazi and the Pueblos 600 – 1000 Ad, the Maya from 700 – 1100 in the Classic Period and Rome from 117 to 476 in the Barbarian Period.  We create an overview here in identifying the causes for collapse; the first major consideration being water – and its relation to drought, overpopulation, dust storms due to the desecration of the environment, over extraction of non-renewal resources and ultimately the ever increasing stress of life on humans.  What would it take for us to turn a corner and put a stop to the collapse of our civilization, as we know it? Awareness, education and conscious efforts to understand where we have come from, where we wish to go in terms of our culture and evolution and be courageous enough to get out of our comfort zones to create sustainable fair means of living that does not compromise the health of our citizens, our environment, our wildlife and vegetation on the planet, our waters and the earth’s atmosphere. What will it take for us to fully propel in this new direction?

2014 NEW YEAR’S BLESSINGS – Developing Indomitable Will Power

This New Year 2014 is really all about developing indomitable will power for courage, hope, strength, decision and action. Will power is the strength of will to carry out one’s decisions. WILL – the diligent, purposefulness, determination, self-control, self-discipline, self-authority and mental faculty of deliberate choosing. Will is also the future tense of the verb to “be.” DECISIONS refer to making up one’s mind, firmness of character and action, to succeed, victory to completion.
The Chinese animal and astrological sign for the year 2014/2015 starting late January in the new moon is optimistic, about living one day at a time, intelligence, talent, running free, being adaptable, physical movement and being good partners and friends. The requirements for change for each and every one of us – in the wood horse comes indomitable will power, a strong mind, intention, focus and heartfelt strong emotions, joy, letting go and surrender. Be the change you seek. Be joyful and friendly. Be the love you are and reach in deeper and higher!


In this day and age Democracy has turned to Demogoguery and Social Destabilization and Fracturing: all over the world and particularly in the Arab World with the Arab Spring, now in the Ukraine and in Greece and some of the Mediterranean countries. In referring to the 1% Elite and 99% downtrodden there is much unrest, social and personal degradation, unemployment and much legalized corruption through all the ranks of society. Wars take place within a cycle of 80 years and we seem to be at the brink and in the similar energy field to just before the outbreak of the war of 1930s in Germany and Europe.
We need to awaken to the truth of why we are here, who we are and dispel the lies and spin doctoring that is disseminated to create fear, terror, anxiety, frozenness and anomie.
It’s about speaking up for one’s personal liberties and for the truth in peaceful ways. Awake, Learn, Speak Out, Get Up and Stand Up For Your Rights!


Belief systems are all a matter of cultural conditional, educational values, beliefs and training and your limits of mental perception. Contemporary science and scientists today are limited. This is a call to raising the bar of consciousness: to study and embody Infinite consciousness – a Multi-faceted Science, the History of Scientific Revolutions and Epistemology which is the philosophy of how we know what we know. Anthropologists train in how to get out of your cultural mindset and to think outside of your mental limitations. Western Science is materialistic and in the objectification with rational methods is only about the known. In Eastern Science through yoga and meditation, you have the known, the knower and the knowing which is far broader. The Ancient Science of Indigenous peoples revolve around heart knowing: whether astronomy, human physiology or cellular mitochondrial biology – it is a vaster awareness and knowledge gained through self-exploration and scientific testing, hypothesis and observation. Joseph Campbell’s book Inner Reaches of Outer Space perhaps in this time could be termed in this way: Infinite Reaches of Inner Space.


As moral beings we embody the values of kindness, respect, empathy, compassion, choice, change and new attitudes. When we examine life hundreds of years ago particularly in Europe with the cultures who ‘colonized’ the world and spoke about the new civilized world, we see that life in that time, as today, was far from civilized. The word civil means to be kind. The taking of slaves and killing of indigenous peoples of the world demonstrates that our culture and civilization has been less than kind or civilized. New social structures and institutions need to be created for equity, equality, cooperation and diligence. Gandhi referred to civilization as a great idea. If only! Martin Luther King said, “Technology has outdistanced our theology.” We need to become righteous, loving, kind beings from the inside out and act on this. Be heroic visionary leaders in word and deed. Co-create a sacred trusting local community. Inspire, educate and share globally. Meditate always on the Oneness of Source, universe and unity of all peoples, cultures and religions.


The Maha Kranti or Great Destruction is spoken of by Babaji Nagaraj – Bhagwan Vishwa Mahadam, and orchestrated by Spirit in a time when all contradictory energies of human morals, values, actions and mis-creations of warfare will be destroyed.

The Law of Karma is a Cosmic Law to reinstall the Inner Law of purity and righteousness. The universe was created with the principle of birth and death, and resurrection through rebirth. We face at this time in the ending of a civilization, the rebirth, and a call to higher consciousness.

Exploring this current world situation historically, anthropologically, scientifically, socially, culturally and spiritually – the call is to live in Truth, Simplicity and Love, Adventure, Courage and Joy, through the duty of diligent, hard work and Karma Yoga.

Change is the power of Creation. Be Alert and Aware. Babaji Nagaraj urges us to fulfill our duties to be self-responsible to our higher nature and to all other creation on this planet.