Spiritual Science – Christ Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, love, matter, soul, the immortal body

The History, Purpose and Meaning of a Unified I AM Yoga


Yoga is an ancient science and practice passed down through the ages from thousands of years ago. Decades ago Yoga came through from the East to the West. Much of the practice of Yoga has been distilled into the physical expression, yet does not include the emotions, the soul and Spirit, which in essence is how we humans are meant to experience the Divine. The I AM Yoga being introduced here opens a new paradigm in consciousness on the way to Super consciousness. How to unite all you are with Source and find your true SELF.

A Call for a Higher Deeper Heart Yoga


The Challenge to go into a deeper, higher more heart-felt yoga as our western consciousness sinks more into materialism, realizing the ancient roots of our own human divine nature needs to be resuscitated. Yoga is like the Tree of Life come down to us over millions of years from Source. It is time now to go back to the yoga of the Tree of Life. There is a shift now collectively to go back to our roots and the I AM Yoga can support us to do this.

The Soul—You Are a Kind-Hearted Being


Some people do not even know they are a soul. Talking about your truest and highest identity we know that you are not a physical body. As the Buddha says you have had millions of lives before. You are not your mind or brain, thoughts, feelings, emotions because all of these come and go in their cycles. So if you are not your identity, masks, or personae, then who are you? We are not taught in school to go deeply inside to meditate and journey in self-discovery – not yet anyway. This is an introduction to get to understand soul and spirit as our real identity. Soul is your intrinsic nature as true eternal and immortal as a being not a doing. Soul Opening Unifying Love – what the soul is and how it operates once you allow it to when you have dealt with your ego emotional blockages; allowing your soul to take the seat of the power of love. The Source of all that is in your innermost heart and this is where your soul lives. Find the keys to living your most joyful life in acknowledging love and friendship as the pillars to having a fulfilling life, as well as respecting stewardship for all life on the planet. Lead with your heart for perfect success in your life.

Thriving By Awakening to Higher Cosmic Consciousness


This overview explains the levels of consciousness from the collective subconscious, to personal subconscious, conscious light and dark egoic forms and how to elevate the consciousness up to the levels of Christ Consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness and what these are. Conscious elevation will create Heaven on Earth.

Dark Energy and Dark Matter—Love is Gravity


A discussion explaining the scientific and mystical explanation of the universe as being made of dark energy and dark matter and the levels of energy and matter as matter becomes more manifest. Matter is energy, energy is consciousness as Einstein has shown us. How love is gravity and what is the meaning of love and magnetism as it relates to gravity?



There are many paths up the one mountain. The goal is to unify your heart with your logical mind and will to reach the innermost recesses of your innermost truth, which is the superconscious awareness of the Source within you. We share some ideas about how you can achieve this awakening of your superconsciousness in your heart and realize the emerging Cosmic Christ Consciousness.


The Eight Beatitudes from Matthew 5:3 -- 10. Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. Poor means pure - pure in Spirit, devoted to God; looking to Spirit through the eyes of the innocent child or adults who have gained their innocence and trust in God. TRUST - Total Receptivity Unity Source Truth. TRUTH - Total Receptivity Uniting The Heart. The Kingdom of Heaven is the eternal and infinite realm where the Soul always resides and lives - HOME. Christ Consciousness is the full realization of freedom and unity and the Christ Love and Light. The Second Coming of Christ Consciousness is in everyone's heart at Christmas.


Blessed are they who mourn, For they shall be comforted. In the blessings we can receive grace, fortitude, safety and protection. To mourn is the sadness, sorrow as to what is happening to and on the earth today, All Our Relations and the end of this era and civilization.  It is important to grieve properly and the great comfort is the Holy Spirit, The Christ Consciousness so you feel soothed, a sense of ease, peace, solace, supported and have the friendship and joy in your heart first and foremost for yourself and for everyone around you.



Blessed are the Meek for They Shall Inherit the Earth. To be meek means to be humble, obedient, soothing like a warm summer’s day. The biblical interpretation means to have strength under pressure, oppression; to choose to consciously sacrifice for others and not be doormats or victims – rather victors. In the being state of meekness comes a rest for your Soul. With yoga and your chosen yoke of surrender to God’s Love and God’s Will you acquire a spiritual earthly obedience. To be meek is to be merciful, kind, respectful, with no ego or arrogance – humble. These are the righteous individuals who wanted the best for others like Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, Mandela – who turned the rough carbon of coal to the diamond of the heart through the pressure and compression of their trials and tribulations. To inherit the Earth is to know of your rightful place in this life; to feel satisfied, whole and complete, peaceful. The evil ones who dominate and destroy the earth are not meek – “whoever shall save his life shall lose it, whosever shall lose his life for Christ consciousness sake will find it” on Earth and in the afterlife.



Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be satisfied. We look at the meaning of hunger – the need to be filled, or die, what you crave, need, choose – the bread of life. Water is our body’s substance and we can only live for two days without it – Jesus refers to Himself as the Water of Life. Jesus alludes to His body and blood. The righteousness are morally good and live in accordance to the divine laws; they are authentic, trustworthy, truthful, honourable and hold to spiritual and divine justice. Jesus is the incarnation of so many First Nations people particularly Deganawideh – The Peacemaker. In the Mohawk tradition The Tree of Peace and the Righteousness is following the eagle – the law of the Creator to be satisfied, contented, peaceful and harmonious.



Blessed are the Merciful, For They Shall Obtain Mercy. To be blessed is to be honoured, to have grace bestowed upon you, to be lucky, to be rewarded, safe, contented. Merciful – forgiving, compassionate, forbearing, lenient, humane, mild, kind, tenderhearted, gracious, empathetic, sympathetic, humanitarian, liberal, indulgent and generous. Mercy – compassion and forgiveness shown towards someone within whom it is in someone’s power to punish or harm – or offer clemency, leniency, compassion, grace, charity, forgiveness, kindness, tolerance and generosity. It is always good to remember the Law of Karma - and that is that you receive what you give.



Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God. Blessed – to be honoured, elevated, and grateful and to receive grace. The condition of being PURE – is to be free from guilt and shame, to embody innocence like the baby, clean of heart, righteous, non-judging, unsullied by negativity and free to be. We become this when we remove the filters from our minds and hearts – peal them away like the layers of an onion. In this way, when we take off all the filters and masks, we can become free to explore and be adventuresome. We can see God – see reality, truth, love, the light, Creator, and creation as it truly is.



Beatitude 7: Blessed are the Peacemakers, For they shall be called the children of God. We know that to be blessed is to be sacred, beautiful, joyful, strengthened, en-couraged and loved. To be at peace is to be free from disturbances, quiet, tranquil, soulful, protected, secluded, calm, restful, free from war and conflict.  The peacemaker is the arbitrator, negotiator, mediator, counselor, go-between, intermediary, pacifier, dove, pacifist. Deganawideh was called the Peacemaker and the reincarnation of Jesus. Children of God are those who rest knowing God lives in us and takes care of us. God is tender, full of compassion, and understands our strengths and  our weaknesses and guides us every step of the way.



Beatitude 8. Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. Again we look at the word Blessed – beloved, honoured and joyful. Righteousness - truth, goodness, holy, sacred, real and kind. The Kingdom refers to the realm, dominion, the protected space or territory and the spiritual reign or authority of God; the eternal spiritual sovereignty of God. When we are true to ourselves and to the remembrance of who we are and why we are here we create heaven on earth, which starts in our heart first and foremost. Heaven is the abode of God, The Christ, the hierarchy of Spiritual Beings and powers; it also refers to eternal life, paradise, and nirvana, Zion, above the sky. To be persecuted for the sake of righteousness means that whatever trials and challenges one endures for the sake of righteousness can assure eternal union with the Divine and the Creator in Heaven; the infinite bliss and the celestial powers and a place of great joy and happiness. Jesus has shared the 8 Beatitudes with us to inspire us to become who we are always and live this knowing in this realm so we can enjoy the reality of the heavens of the 4th, 5th, 6th dimensions and above here on earth.



A time of cleansing is needed personally when the social earth cycles change on the planet. And we are going through this cycle at this time. All the great leaders throughout the ages like Zoroaster, Rama, Krishna, Ramakrishna, Moses, Jesus, Kukulan, Quetzalcoatl, Deganawideh and Milarepa and now the next one could be you! At times like this we make use of the spiritual violet fire, feel the rainbow heart bridge that humanity is crossing linking each individual to the Source. One end is the outer world and the other end is the inner world. Some powerful mantras that you can use are: Aum Namaha Shivaya and another “I purify myself and become one with all psychological spiritual fire.” This fire to be all you can be will transform your fears into love, hatred into compassion, stress into courage, weakness into strength, depression into fortitude, anxiety into joy, play and laughter.



Free radicals – the kind we have heard so much about in terms of health in the physical body are described here for your understanding regarding their role in the body.  They have an important role as messengers; some are more stable and persistent. In this talk we unify the linguistic symbolic parallels. Masters and messengers such as Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Jr. are all radicals with the message of freedom. Become your own free radical for personal, social and cultural change.

December Solstice


The Winter Solstice is the longest known tradition celebrated worldwide on the planet: from the Yule of the Old English, to Orkneys Scotland around 2750 BC, Newgrange is Ireland, amongst the Pueblo Tribes, Shinto with Amaterasu coming from her cave at the birth of Christ, the Haudenosaunee and the White Pine Tree of Peace, the Greeks with Adonis and the evergreen tree, the Roman Saturnalia – Bacchus the fertility God, the Druids who tied fruit and had candles on the evergreen branches; as well as Dionysus. When was the real date of the birth of Jesus? There are many reasons why His birth is celebrated on December 25th. At this time we have the opportunity to shift our consciousness and identification from the individual to the eternal soul.



According to the etymology of the word pressure, the 14th century French word used was "pression" -- referring to suffering, anguish or pressing on the mind or heart. In Latin -- "pressura" is the action of pressing, "premere" -- to press. In the 1620s the inference was toward moral or mental coercing force and in 1812 -- urgency.
Pressure can be found universally in all realms -- in physics -- atmospheric pressure, osmotic, vapour, arterial, diastolic, systolic, skin, pressure points in Ayurveda, TCM and Tibetan as well as pressure treated wood. We apply pressure to stop bleeding, use pressure cookers for food, exert pressure on someone.
In alchemy the retort is needed pressure for transformation. In psychology -- we work to transform emotional and mental pressure, anxiety, financial pressure, social and relationship pressures. We have population pressure and predation pressure in zoology.  In geology pressure in the earth's strata transforms coal to diamonds over millions of years. We use the symbolism here to illustrate the transformative process and what it means for the human to work through their challenges, stress, strain, tension, load, weight, bullying, shame and intimidation. We know from human physiology we have fluid pressure -- blood pressure and heart pressure. In physics we have stagnation pressure, surface tension and surfactant boundary tension. In anthropology we have pressure and social organization, national interests and politics including all human relationships.
In coming videos we shall explore the following - other meanings of pressure or pression comes in the form of Suppression, Oppression, Repression, Depression, Progression, Impression, and Expression.



The contraction and expansion are universal principles on all levels of creation. For instance galaxies and stars over time. Contraction and expansion of our lungs are the basis of human life to oxygenate.
There can be no closed systems in the universe. All life is ever-expanding, interconnected, contiguous through the dimensions and vibrations. All relationships also contract and expand. Cycles of contraction and expansion show devolution and evolution.

Expansion is a universal Law of Creation with the etymology of the word expansion, comes from the Latin "expandere" - to expand, and in late Latin "expansionem" - the spreading out. French is "expansion."  In the 1640s with chemistry came the understanding of the act of expanding through the increase of volume while mass stays the same. When heat is added molecular bonds are weakened, particles move faster causing substances to expand; some bonds may break or change state as in ice to water and then to vapour. Expansion means enlargement or dilation as in the eye pupil, and stretching, magnifying, inflation, extension, increase, amplification, and elaboration.
In cosmology and astronomy there is the Big Bang and the theory of the expanding universe. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Laws of Thermodynamics are discussed here. Biochemistry demonstrates the breaking down of food for metabolism in mitochondrial processes which give energy to nerves, brain, muscles and organs.  In psychology there is mind to the Superconscious. Anthropology studies expansion of populations and social organizations, along with expansions of political nation states. Expansion happens in the economy with inflation.


White Holes cannot be entered into from the outside. They are in fact an outpouring or burst of energy, light in the creation of universes and matter. A Black Hole can be entered into from the outside being the reverse of the White Hole and from which nothing including light can escape. With Einstein’s field equations White Holes in the past will create Black Holes in the future. In the Ancient Hindu tradition the Tripartite Stages of Cosmic Universal Law revolve around Creation, Sustaining and Destruction in the forms of the Creators Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva and Kali the Destroyers. White Holes like Black Holes have mass, charge and angular momentum or spin. There is much to be learnt about both Black and White Holes at this time. This is an overview.


The afterlife is defined as life or existence after physical death. In the New Kingdom of Egypt they had the Book of the Dead – Emerging into the Light (around 1550 BCE) and the funerary manuscripts in the Book of Gates at the time of Seti I of the New Kingdom. The Book of Gates refers to the 12 Gates, 12 Hours, 12 Goddesses, 12 Trials of the soul. The Ancient Egyptians knew themselves to have originated and connected to Sirius A, B and C star systems. They worked with the 5-pointed star, the blue light and the 61 points in the body. In cultural cosmology we know they are beings who have experienced life elsewhere. We also know of the Tibetan Book of the Dead and the 49-day process for the soul to be reborn within the karmic cycles of life and death. In the experiences of Dr. Joseph Martin through a conscious birth, living in two worlds and decades of self-exploration through the farther reaches of inner space, he has used this wisdom and these experiences as a basis for all mystical traditions and experiences.
How to prepare: it is best to prepare oneself, have an understanding of the process and work to attain superconsciousness, Buddha and Christ Consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness. The key is to be in a place of emptiness, surrender, openness, to listen, receive and unify all complementarities and opposites. It is good to learn how to be heart-centered, sacred, experience compassion, love and forgiveness. Travel to this place before you die, connect with the Great Spiritual Masters, experience deep peace sounds where a Source Righteous Heart transcends the mind. Experiencing the wholeness of the universe through self-realization in the endless way will merge the Soul in Spirit through the process.

The Three Steps of Positive Soul Manifestation

The purpose of each soul’s sojourn is to see beyond the ephemeral phenomena to Eternal Reality: the shimmering undulations of the spacetime fabric; the spiritual science of the underlying prana or life force.
This video discusses the three steps of manifestation: Energy, Will and Consciousness.

The three types of energy yoga are:
Bhakti – which is feeling and devotion – energy. The cosmos is all feeling.
Karma – volition, doing – will.
Jnana – thought – consciousness

In the Lord Jesus’ Prayer it incorporates all these three universal principles of: Beauty, Good and Truth – Energy, Will and Consciousness.


The Lakota name for Wild Desert Rose – Dendreah is the Earth Mother – the most important individual that we can know. Also known as the White Buffalo Calf Woman and she will be known all over the earth as the prophecies state as we re-indigenize ourselves on the planet at this time.   She is Mother Earth herself so she is also all our plant, tree, animal mineral relatives and all our relations. Dendreah is also simultaneously the Great Cosmic Mother.  She is the all-encompassing Great Mother including Kwan Yin, and Avalokiteshvara. Babaji supports Dendreah is sharing this message of being invisible to fear and staying grounded, centered and balanced in love.
Dendreah’s message is to Be Invisible To Fear so that nothing in or around you can get to you and disturb the peace in your heart. As family members or neighbours, people in your community, province or state or around the world get triggered by world events and go into fear, you need to have dealt with your fears so you can be grounded and supportive of others. Fear is the great magnetic attractor and love is the greatest magnetic attractor; based on the principle that like attracts like. If you feel you are going into fear then stop what you are doing and call upon Dendreah to lovingly support you to release your fears and to feel grounded, strong and centered in the love of your heart. Do you know that you will be able to stay centered in love? This is what it means to be invisible to fear.


We know from philosophy and ontology that anything disparate, complimentary or opposite are in fact one. The higher dimensions are embedded and frozen into 3D matter. This talk realizes the connection of Quantum Electro-Dynamics, the Unified Field, Relativity, Enfoldment


In not knowing or dealing with death, one is frozen in fear, and relatively lives a healthy productive adventuresome life. the soul comes from Source, the Cosmic Centre and Universal Wholeness, Oneness. The Soul is light, perfect love, Christ Consciousness and resides always eternally in the 4th dimensional astral and higher worlds and dimensions.
Earth is the 3D reality but it is a dream, a boot camp to remember who you are and get out of your ego, karma and physical body prison by knowing and realizing, awakening to your soul. Death is a doorway, a transition, a grace, a remembrance when the physical body overcoat is let go.
Our duty and goal is to do our inner work now, and to remember your life in higher domains through yoga, meditation, intuition, dreams, healing therapies and conversations. Then life will have great meaning and be more precious, joyful, peaceful, real, authentic and adventuresome.



For millions of years the purpose and true meaning of meditation is to connect with Spirit.  From the time of Polaria, Hypo Borea, Lemuria and Atlantis to this present time – though the physical, astral-emotional, mental-causal and spirit-etheric bodies do need conscious flow of energy and intention for clearing, opening and heightening in vibration – the goal is to connect fully and deeply with Spirit no matter what your faith in the East or in the West.
Please visit http://www.JosephMartin-Living-In-Two-Worlds.com



From beyond the beyond is the Father – the Creator of the Universe – in the dark matter dark energy – Cosmic Consciousness. Out of the Father came the Mother -- the Christ Consciousness and materialization of matter. We look at the Archetype of the Father from a number of perspectives for your interest and information.
Have a wonderful Father’s Day to all the Fathers on the planet and all the mothers who have assumed role of Father.



This book written by Yogananda is entitled The Second Coming of Christ – The Resurrection of The Christ Within You. This book is a revelatory commentary on the original teachings of Jesus. Two volumes were originally published by SRF – the Self Realization Fellowship in 2004 and then the 1600 page version in paperback in 2008.
The book is about the Oneness of Eternal Truth uniting the teachings of Jesus and India’s ancient science of religion. The purpose is for devout souls everywhere to enter the inner light of divine perception, revealing the Infinite Christ Consciousness seeking resurrection within them. Jesus’ life, disciples, miracles, teachings, infinite eternal love, wisdom, prayers, parables, beatitudes, counsel, dispensation, resurrection and presence is explored in Yogananda’s book on The Second Coming of Christ as the Christ Consciousness as the light, love, and the Door to everlasting life, knowledge, peace and presence.



The Akasha are the universal records; Luke 10:20 quotes, "Rejoice that your names are recorded in Heaven." Akasha is the ether of the universe - the Mother of all elements. The Akashic Records are vibrational registries; the entire history of every soul's thoughts, feelings, actions and intent.

They record how we connect and have affinities with each other and influence our beliefs, actions, and feelings. Ancient cultures, prophets, First Nations and mystics all knew how to access the Akasha to guide and heal others. Among some of the individuals we can name Isaac Newton, Nostradamus, Jeremiah, Daniel, Einstein, Madame Blavatsky, Steiner, Gurdjieff, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Guru Nanak, Lao Tzu, Rabia, Shams-i-Tabriz, Rumi, Patanjali, Babaji Nagaraj, Yogananda, RamaKrishna, Vivekananda, Sarada Devi, Kwan Yin, Edgar Cayce and Alice Bailey to name a few.

Modern day psychologists and healers access the Akasha in working to heal their clients through emotional karmic healing and clearing.
Rebirthing is a modality to access your akashic record and evolve your soul; and love and self forgive in the deepest possible way and moving forward to create new imprints for your life -- meaning moving in and out of your life from spirit and through the physical. Scientists know of this as the energy fields of morphic resonance, which suggests that anyone can access these.

The key is to realize that you are an eternal immortal soul, always around somewhere in the universe; you are in it at all times whether you are conscious of it or not.

That being the case, have an adventure and move forward with joy and in trust, hope and courage and realize that every thought, intent, feeling and emotion is recorded somewhere in the universe. All good thoughts and expressions can be a great healing as you put it out. This morphic resonance can be a great healing as we are moving and changing so much on the planet at this time. Just know your name is recorded in the Akashic Records. You are the great soul. Live with that sense of gratitude and find that intuition to live with great courage and hope, changing all your beliefs as you learn to know more and more about yourself. 



The Babaji Mantras, Chants, Meditations and Messages was a book co-created with Babaji between 1997 – 2001 and published in 2007. There is a free PDF download with the music at www.sourceco-creations.com.
These powerful mantras and chants and music enhance, strengthen, deepen and heighten your connection to the light, life, love, enlightenment, healing, and joy. There are messages on Human Seeding and Evolution, An Overview of Humanity, The Four Bodies and Four Chakras, The Value of Kriya Yoga on Human Nature, The Soul’s Life Path, Light Above All, Heartlight, Divine Father-Mother Love, Spiritual Mastery, The Meaning of Life and Working on the Self; Greatness of the Soul, Freedom, Reality, Immortality, Be One with The Mother – to name a few wonderful and inspiring topics. Also discussed is Why Christ Is All and Everything on Earth and in the Universes, The Essence and Power of God’s Healing, Find Source Happiness, The Joy of Living, 
The Essence and Necessity of Emotional Healing.
The Introduction written by Babaji is both inspiring and beautiful.



In Egypt the afterlife is known as the Field of Reeds. In the Native tradition – The Blue Road of Spirit and in Hinduism – Nirvana; Heaven in the mainstream religions of today.
In Ancient Egypt the place of Eternal Rest was guarded by the Guardian of the Scales – Osiris and the god-man Anubis (Ra).

The afterlife had great significance then as it should now. The practice of weighing the heart on a scale with a feather against Ma’at (truth) determined whether a soul would be allowed to enter the realm of the dead. Hermes was the Greek and modern spirit carrier or guide of souls. Thoth is also well known for this as well as Hermes Trismegistus.

If the soul was heavier than the feather, Amenti or Ammit – the lion-hippo-crocodile demon Goddess in DUAT, would devour the soul. There the soul would be restless forever. The second death could take place if Amenti threw it into the fiery lake.

If the soul was lighter than the feather, the soul would receive eternal immortality.

In the First Nations tradition the ‘Anubis’ dog would be a dog with grey or white fur. In Mohawk it is white fur and the Earth Mother Dendreah has a grey wolf and is the White Buffalo.

Beyond the cycle of reincarnation and samsara is the realm of pure bliss, white light, cosmic consciousness beyond the material world.

Ma’at stands for the truth, law, order, morality, justice. Ma’at and Thoth uphold the laws of The Creator.



Another video on the science of the spiritual laws of creation. There are four aspects in the laws of universal creation.
1. Creation. Out of the dark energy and dark matter simply comes matter. In this universe under 20% is matter, the rest is dark matter and dark energy. Cosmic Consciousness is the uncreated energy of this universe and Christ/Krishna/Buddha Consciousness is the created energy of this universe.
2. Maintenance or organize patterning that remains stable for a long period of time depending on the cycle we are looking at.
3. Destruction of the universe. Everything created is uncreated.
4. Period of rest and silence that follows the end of destruction. An interim period of nothingness before the next cycle starts.
In the cosmologies and stories of creation in the Old Testament and for the Mayan are in units of twenties which we see again when we look into the Hindu tradition.

We expand the notion of time as we moved from the analogue living of time with nature and the seasons, to digitalized time in the last 150 years that has sped up the workings of the left brain and driving most of us crazy in this hectic world.

There are four main Kalpas that are discussed in this video. And the Hindu have similar gages of time to the Buddhists.

One needs to put the 9 to 5, day to day life on planet earth into perspective and make the most of who you are, what you are here to do and how you can do it efficiently and to great effect for the greater good of humankind.



Sri Yukteswar lost his father at an early age and became responsible for the welfare of his family. He was a bright student and attended Christian Missionary College and the Calcutta Medical College for two years. He was married with a daughter and widowed when his wife passed shortly after the birth of his daughter.

Mahavatar Babaji Nagaraj bestowed the name “Swami” upon Sri Yukteswar who had a few students in his ashram in Puri, which he founded in 1903. He taught astrology, sciences, Jyotish, among other topics, and was well versed in gemstones. Paramahansa Yogananda was his main student. Paramahansa Yogananda referred to him as Jnanavatar – Incarnation of Wisdom and spoke of the “drastic training methods” he experienced under Sri Yukteswar’s tutelage.

Sri Yukteswar wrote the book THE HOLY SCIENCE in which he spoke of Jesus and Krishna, Astronomy and the Yuga Cycles. He has stated that the world moved from the Kali Yuga (Dark Ages) in 1873 and we are now in the Dwapara Yuga.

Sri Yukteswar was gentle, pleasant, cultured and strong. He stood tall and straight, ascetic looking, slender and energetic and spoke of the unity of all religions, the one spiritual truth, one evolution and one goal. When he passed into Spirit, he appeared some time later to Yogananda in his light body.

Connect with Sri Yukteswar for his wisdom and insight.



A reading from the book co-created with Babaji Nagaraj - "Babaji -Mantras, Chants, Meditations and Messages," - available as a free pdf download with music from www.sourceco-creations.com.

"Nothing in the universe would or could exist without the Light of God. It is not just any Light; it is the Light of God….

Light creates and allows the creation and unfoldment of every creature, thing, concept, creation, science and travel within the universes of God the Divine Father-Mother."



Science is “the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.” Add to this feeling, intuition, and sensation. The history of Western science covers alchemy, astrology, mystical and energetic healing based on spiritual knowledge and spirits. Scientists now throw ancient wisdom out as superstition and nonsense based on ignorance, fear, pride and ego.
Through the history of reigning scientific theories – Thomas Kuhn suffered a backlash for his contribution and was burned at the stake; others similarly became outcasts and did not receive funding or teaching positions for their more progressive and expansive notions including Hahnemann, Galileo and Newton.
Today there is a lack of scientific openness of mindset and a lack of curiosity.
The lack of cross-cultural, multi-disciplinary and historical training is also a barrier to Truth.
The TRUTH is absolute and not relative. We need a higher super consciousness to understand the unity of all sciences, philosophy, visual arts, creative arts, and humanities.
In Part two we shall talk about the “how.”



Canadians have typically been more knowledgeable and interested in science. In the 20th century and now, science and scientists have been co-opted and taken over by corporations, military, governments and research money comes from big Pharma, government, military and only available for those willing to be seconded and give up their intellectual freedom – it is all about the money for research for Doctors and Physicists (example – Von Braun in weaponry.) We only have to look at the atom bomb, the neutron bomb, biological and chemical warfare and the toxic pharmaceuticals and vaccines. We are becoming more and more aware of the dangers of fish farms, fracking, industrial pollutants and all the attendant health risks.
Where are the ethics, the humane, morality and legality?
Our governmental and collective aggressive death wish to kill and destroy every living thing on earth is evident and witnessed today. It has been done 6 times before in history through climate change, and fire, water, wind (hurricanes).
This is a call for Academics and the Moral Applied Science – to scientists, doctors to make a united call for action. We already have some notable groups trying to make a difference in the world: Doctors Against Nuclear Weapons, Doctors Without Borders.  When in the collective consciousness and unconscious – the impulse can be made to shift the opposing death wish, then there shall be less wanton destruction on the planet.
Einstein had some pertinent and important statements to make about Atomic War or Peace in 1947.