Joseph has extensive research and clinical background in all the physical, medical and social sciences, psychology, anthropology, history and philosophy. He brings his 100 percent thinking and 100 percent feeling to being a 

Eye Opener
Heart Opener
Truth Seeker
Truth Speaker

Anthropological-Psychological Philosopher

LIVING IN TWO WORLDS--A LIFE OF LOVE, the title of Joseph's autobiography suggests his ability as both an outsider-observer and insider-participant have coalesced to give him a highly thoughtful, visionary, unitive experience and expression of life on earth for All Our Relations.

Joseph's mission, vision and role is

To reveal what we all feel and think--and make this conscious and superconscious.

To explore what we all need, can be, and can do.

To bring inspiration, laughter, fun, sincerity, authenticity and creativity into people's lives. 

To support people in Self-actualizing all their greatness
in every area of their lives.

Joseph's life has been a fascinating journey of flourishing fully in multiple paradoxes.
The key to my life is to have an open, vulnerable, loving heart.

Recent heart surgery (October 2012) and massive Near Death Experience--again
Living equally in the Spirit world and earth world
Listening to and interpreting Spirit messages continuously
Being a mystic in a materialistic world
Having severe childhood heart health challenges and unable to participate in life or sports until age 16
Spiritually healing myself beyond medical surgery at age 8
Being gay as a nature-loving, strong, sensitive woodsman-canoeist in a severely homophobic straight world
Being partly Euro-Canadian and partly First Nations in a racist, prejudicial, non-First Nations culture
Born into poverty and working hard all my life to get out of it
Surviving serious family abuse and doing therapy in a cover-it-up world that does not want to know
Being in a severely dysfunctional alcoholic, traumatized family and finding my soul, solitude and full Spirit connection
Undergoing a series of ego deaths and spiritual-psychological Self rebirths
Spending 1/4 of a million dollars on my higher education, professional training and personal therapy and healing
Being an open-minded scientist in a closed-minded, corporately-run, overly rational, egotistical, scientistic world
Having an anthropologist’s capacity to both participate and observe
Having a psychotherapist’s ability to listen and facilitate healing
Enjoying nature in a nature-killing industrial society
Enjoying both rural and urban settings
Creating harmoniously balanced 100% masculine and 100% feminine energies and experiences
Supporting women in a patriarchal world
Being both an academic and a businessman
Creating art and music along with scientific research
Searching to be a heartfelt artist in an increasingly banal, media-glitzed world
Understanding ancient history and post-modern culture
Being kind in an increasingly cruel world
Being a social philosopher in a non-reflective world


Our society and culture--nationally and globally--are very intimidating, shame-based, and alienating.
Our families, institutions and culture are based on these dysfunctional patterns.
In each and all of us, this creates separation, loneliness, despair, repressed anger, and withheld grief. 
Money and materialism--while not providing happiness--are the new religion.
We as a society are spiritually and morally bankrupt.

You can conquer the world outside yourself by finding your inner truth and claiming  your individual rights and freedoms. The strength and motivation is not in material wealth, it’s in the power of Spirit and your own clear mind, indomitable will and courageous, loving heart.
We all can “Get Up, Stand Up... stand up for our rights!"

To be ourselves fully and accomplish transformations inside and outside, we need:
courage, deep changes in consciousness, positive healing conscious choices, commitment, clarity, creativity, community, and coming together.

And mostly, we require instilling in ourselves compassion, caring, charity and contentment.
In order to transform our thinking and feeling, we can individuate, be radically loving souls, and become heart supernovas.

Joseph can be engaged to speak on the following topics:

Basic Human Rights and Freedoms Evolution

Bridges to the Superconscious Self

Hope and the Hero's Journey

How to Live in Two Worlds—Spirit  and Earth

Insecurity's Offspring

New Archetypal Paradigms for Transforming the World

Spiritual Anthropology of the Human Species

The Rise of the Dark and the Light

Transforming Boys into Soulful Men

Victim to Victor--Freedom Now!

You Cannot Die

Zombie Vampire Apocalypse Is Already Here

Presentations can be tailored to fit your event and schedule, and can include live healing piano music compositions. 

For more information regarding topics and fees, and to book events, Joseph can be reached at 250-474-4176 or email josephmartin@shaw.ca

“You are punishing the soul by keeping it buried, slumbering in matter life after life, frightened by nightmares of suffering and death. Realize that you are the soul. Remember that the Feeling behind your feeling, the Will behind your will, the Power behind your power, the Wisdom behind your wisdom is the Infinite Lord. Unite the heart’s feeling and the mind’s reason in a perfect balance. In the castle of calmness, again and again cast off identification with earthly titles, and lunge into deep meditation to realize your divine kingship.”

Paramahansa Yogananda, Man’s Eternal Quest

Basic Human Rights and Freedoms Evolution

“Until he extends the circle of compassion to all living things, Man will not himself find peace.”
Dr. Albert Schweitzer

This presentation outlines the evolution of changes, challenges and conflicts surrounding basic human rights and freedoms. Included in this are the historical movements of self-liberation of women, gays and lesbians (GLBT), black people, children, animals, and trees. Discussion focuses on varying nation states, their laws, repeals of rights and benefits, and challenges that individuals and groups face today.

“If all the beasts were gone, man would die from loneliness of spirit, for whatever happens to the beast, happens to the man.”
Chief Seattle

“He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.”
Immanuel Kant

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Racism, prejudice, judgment, cruelty and hatred are all based on fear, ignorance and selfish ego desires including control, use of force, intimidation and separation. This presentation charts the historical changes made and yet to be made before true liberation is attained by all.

The psychological and anthropological necessities are considered, so that we know where we are and where we need and would like to go now and in the future.

“Freeing oneself from words is liberation.”

“I am very sad for men and women trapped in any relationship where there is cruelty, dominance, inequity. I long for the liberation of all people.”
Jasmine Guy

“I’m for human lib, the liberation of all people, not just black people or female people or gay people.”
Richard Pryor

Bridges to the Superconscious Self

Most people, without thinking, accept that their entire being is their conscious ego personality. However, they are mistaken. The ego personality is a socialized cultural construct based on family of origin, ethnicity, neighbourhood, religious, educational and political institutions, peers, and outer experiences.

Ancient world spiritual and cultural traditions, along with modern transpersonal psychology have outlined the fact that living by the ego creates only suffering, sorrow, false needs and desires, and constant inordinate fears and terrors. Life in the ego is a life with no hope.

Hope is the one thing we all need in order to be strong, creative, loving, and planning a great future that we can work towards every day.

In this participatory presentation, the unconscious world of dreams, memories, reflections and underlying archetypal realities are brought to light and consciousness.

Regarding the superconscious, ancient wisdom from kundalini kriya yoga breathwork and meditation, Buddha’s knowledge, and training in modern spiritual psychological science create powerful positive “bridges” to the supreme Superconscious Self. Hope can thus be your daily felt experience.

Hope and the Hero's Journey

“We must accept finite disappointment,
but never lose infinite hope.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

In these dark times, fear rules the world—inside and out.

“The world is indeed full of peril and in it there are many dark places. But still there is much that is fair. And though in all lands, love is now mingled with grief, it still grows, perhaps, the greater.”
J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings

People are at a loss to know who to be, how to be, what to do, who to trust, where to go, what to learn, and how to live.

If ever there was a time that calls out for a hero and heroine’s choice to start on a fresh new quest and journey to find Self, this is it. To be authentic, powerful, and accomplished, each of us needs to find answers to “Who am I?” and “Why am I really here now?”

The innate fear of hopelessness, meaninglessness, death, and nullification create a soul stalemate and hidden panic, anxiety, emptiness and disempowerment.

The only thing that will carry you on this journey of Self-remembrance and Self-discovery is hope. Without hope, all is lost. With hope, all is completed already. Hope above all!

“Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words
And never stops at all.”

Emily Dickenson

According to Joseph Campbell, there are several stages in the path of the heroic quest that require knowledge and reflection. Understanding how your life fits into this essential essence of being human is your first key. Finding the archetypal mythological structure of the quest, and knowing how to navigate the necessary gateways is crucial.

The hero’s and heroine’s journey are all there is to life. Nothing else matters, whether we know it or not. At the end of the day, at the end of your life, you will look back and recount only what matters from the heart--the fears you transmuted into love and courage; the friendships you trusted, forgave and made.

Start now where you are on your walk through the wilderness with hope as your guide.

How to Live in Two Worlds—Spirit  and Earth

Although every soul comes from Spirit, and each of us literally draw our every breath and sustenance from Spirit, most people know virtually nothing about Spirit—what it is, how it came to be, how we exist in it, and how we can grow our roots and wings in Spirit.

Being stuck unconsciously in the earth realm, without realization of one’s true nature and home in Spirit is a recipe for catastrophe, failure, ignorance and depression.

This transformational, interactive quest presentation outlines the science of Spirit, the how-to-get-to-know-Spirit, ongoing communication pathways--feelings, intuitions, body sensations, dreams, visitations, meditations, among others.

I will speak about why it is important to clear your “monkey mind;” transform your ego into being a soul listener rather than habitually fearful, judgmental, intimidating soul destroyer; why we need to listen to the Creator; begin to ask “Who am I?” and “Why am I here now?”; and make the realization that Spirit is your soul’s true home.

Insecurity's Offspring

“The price of greatness is responsibility.”
Winston Churchill

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”
Albert Einstein

“Not everybody can be famous but everybody can be great, because greatness is determined by service.”
Martin Luther King Jr.

The greatest drawback and challenge any of us will ever face is the lack of self-confidence to be ourselves and do what we dream and know we can be and do. Because of our lack of self-worth, our hopes go down the drain and are trampled into mediocrity, depression, and non-existence.

The only way you will retrieve and attain your hopes, dreams and goals is to deal with the very real negative thoughts, feelings and ego habits that hold your life’s longings captive. Ego creates insecurities, fears, doubts, worries, judgments, banality, and negativity. Ego is the prison of the soul and all its hopes. When ego allows a complete death in order to be reborn in the light of the soul, then grace acts and your personality and experiences change immediately for the better.

Here are Insecurity’s Offspring:

1.  Avoidance
2.  Denial
3.  Anger
4.  Emotional Shutdown
5.  Shame
6.  Guilt
7.  Sadness
8.  Loneliness
9.  Depression
10. Fear
11. Dread of Future
12. Boredom
13. Sleep
14. Addictions
15. Ego
16. Shadow
17. Psychopathy
18. Pretense
19. Clowning
20. Inability to grow up
21. Irresponsibility
22. Fear of intimacy & Feelings
23. Fear of relationships
24. Feeling inauthentic, a charade, a pretender
25. Insignificance
26. Chameleon

How valuable would it be for you to understand the mechanics of this reality? And how much more valuable would it be to know how to transform all these into their opposites?

To be and do this would be to gain indomitable strength, irrefutable love, ruthless courage, infinite will power, and radically confident action-taking.

New Archetypal Paradigms for Transforming the World

Our culture and everyone in it needs to find a positive, hopeful way to live and work in a social system that is going through its 80-year cycle of necessary major transformations.

Heroes and heroines need a “refit” and a “faith lift” in order just to survive, let alone thrive. People can become easy casualties of despair and meaninglessness—unless and until they understand and implement how they can participate and flow with the changing tides of consciousness and cultural evolution.

Visionary leaders of all kinds need to know the reigning and ruling archetypal paradigms in order to be successful—both personally and professionally.

Some of the new archetypal paradigms we will explore and embody in order to transform ourselves and our world are—the Embodied Androgyne (100% masculine and 100% feminine energies) Peacemaker Warrior, Sage Environmentalist, Grail Quester, Soul Man-Woman, Honest-Cheater, Kind-Cruel One, Self-Other, among many others.

The major archetypal powers to engage are Hermes the spiritual guide, psychopomp and alchemical transformer, Hephaestus the wounded healer, Shadow, Ego, Self, Empath and Soul Intuitive. 

It is necessary to understand and live the truth that all archetypes have two polar opposites, neither of which are good or bad--just essential to know and balance in your life. The Self archetype brings great power that needs to be handled in a dedicated fashion by your consciousness, so that the ego does not use if for revenge, domination, selfishness or control. 

Spiritual Anthropology of the Human  Species

As a professional psychologist and social-cultural anthropologist, it is very clear to me that present-day science of both these human studies are sorely lacking in depth, breadth and open-mindedness.

This presentation covers the origins of the cosmos, the Milky Way Galaxy, our solar system, and earliest earth history. There are adequate research findings now to date human presence on earth much farther back in time than present archeology allows.

Topics cover Pangaea, Hyperborea, Lemuria, Atlantis, and the five Post-Atlantean epochs. Reference is made to traditional First Nations cosmologies of the “worlds” of earth history—particularly from the Hopi. History is a spiritual evolution of our species that is rarely covered in any education institution, context, or honest research.

The Rise of the Dark and the Light

The Rise of the Dark and the Light is a scientific spiritual analysis underpinning all of earth history. The Dark and the Light are cosmic principles and universal laws that pervade the creation of the universe, and the structure and function of everything from adamantine particles, atoms, cells, and human anatomy and physiology to physics, magnetism, electricity, day and night, the seasons, and the bipolar nature of all and everything—including especially human thinking, feeling, and perceiving, and the archetypes that rule all human life individually and collectively.

Specifically and importantly for human life, the Dark and the Light refer to our spiritual, psychological, moral and ethical makeup, along with the need to make positive, life-affirming choices with every breath, thought and feeling.

Specifically for our time, the polarity and opposition-separation of those who come from the mind versus those who come from the heart is key. Each needs to come both from 100% positive systemic thinking and 100% compassionate feeling for All Our Relations. Only then will there be peace inside every soul, and unity and working together among peoples and nations.

History essentially is needing to be viewed as a spiral, and understood as eternal battles in the cosmos, in human hearts, in socio-political movements, and through times of war and peace—all with regard to the fundamental underlying notion of the Dark and the Light.

At this crucial moment on the world stage, we need to know and choose correctly between the Dark and the Light, in order to avoid a recurring holocaust from the 20th century—and from earlier times. Our descendants require this of us.

Transforming Boys into Soulful Men

Boys and men today are so filled with conscious and unconscious rage, shame, guilt, sadness, fears and dread that they are emotionally stunted and exceedingly unhappy—whether they know it or not. Their lives are run and ruined by their ego—and their soul is crying out for release from the tormented inner prison of oppression, suppression and aggression.

Only open and vulnerable contact with their own inner soul will transform these boy-men and heal their feelings, allowing them to become manly—strong, courageous, loving, respectful, committed, contented and action-takers.

This presentation both inspires men to be courageous, strong and dedicated—and gives them “how-to” steps to accomplish this by taking daily action to become a stalwart soul man.

The content of this presentation is based upon my two new books, "The Making of Masculinity--From Boys to Soulful Men" and "Fathers and Sons--The Sorrow, Learning and Joy" 

Victim to Victor--Freedom Now!

“Freedom is the song of the soul. The first inkling of life on its higher level is in seeing this struggle within us to break the bonds of nature and to be free.”

Most people on the earth are victims of their own making. They have no idea of how to break this deadly scenario, and create true liberation and soul freedom. This presentation explores the necessity for self-education, personal healing, making positive choices, and taking action steps for creating your own freedom. Understanding the essential core qualities of self-confidence and self-worth--and how to build and develop these--is paramount to any and all success you will have personally, relationally, and professionally.

Austin Vickers, in his astounding, illuminating film “The People vs. The State of Illusion” describes our self-wrought addictions brought on by our illusory thoughts and perceptions--all based on ego, selfishness, judgments, fears, internal contradictions, self-blame, self-hatred and lack of love.

“Men are still hypnotized into abject degradation. However, there are some strong souls who get over that illusion. The hour comes when great men shall arise and cast off these kindergartens of religion and shall make vivid and powerful the true religion, the worship of the Spirit by the Spirit.”

Austin’s message to each and all of us is that we have built a psychological, mental, emotional, and relational prison around ourselves and we are dying of lack of authenticity, love, friendship, empathy and compassion.

Our lives are wrecked, ruined and demolished in so many ways by giving in to the self-destructive lure of our addictions (based on self-hatred, self-murder), lies, mental rationalizations and defenses, emotional shutdowns, and our lack of honesty, integrity and authenticity.

We have become victims in our own world, denying our inherent freedom of the perfected soul in Source. The insane illusions of fear, weakness, self-doubt, unnecessary desires and lies erroneously suggest that the answers will come from external areas of our life—family of origin, religion, culture, education, media, social institutions, levels of government, and overt and subtle materialism. These cannot help or support us. The paralyzing and hurtful illusions imprisoning our original magnificence also come from the jealousy, comments, abuse, bullying and cruelty of others.

“Why are people so afraid? The answer is that they have made themselves helpless and dependent on others. We are so lazy, we do not want to do anything for ourselves. … No man can walk for me. … Anything that is done for us by another never can be ours….
You are Spirit. Pull yourself out of difficulties by yourself! Save yourself by yourself! There is none to help you—never was. To think that there is, is sweet delusion. It comes to no good.”


What is the answer to this deadly dilemma, the endless Self-denying duel between our ego and soul? Come clean. Tell the truth--no matter what! And share this publicly so others can do the same, and so we can support one another in a healing community of truth seekers and truth speakers.

We all have choices—every minute. We can love the light or hide in the dark. The light brings truth, freedom, courage, strength, decision, action--and mostly love. The dark brings fear, intimidation, solitary confinement, and endless loneliness. The dark—through its fears and self-judgments--also brings calamitous chaos causing spiritual, psychological, mental emotional, relational and even physical death.

Dehypnotize yourself! You only get one chance to transform in every moment, with every person, especially with your Self and your inner personal spiritual and moral compass. Choose compassion. Love conquers all fears--even the fear of death. Then you can truly come alive!

“The purpose is to train seekers of truth, and to bring up children without fear and without superstition. They shall learn from the start to stand upon their own feet. They shall learn from their childhood that God is the Spirit and should be worshipped in Spirit and in Truth.”

You Cannot Die

"The human soul is eternal and immortal, perfect and infinite, and death means only a change of center from one body to another." 

Almost all humans avoid death as a topic of discussion. They fear it and so ignore it. By not acknowledging their physical “death,” people have no will to live and thrive. Their hopes and dreams die; their lives are meaningless; they become addicted to self-destructive banalities; they “die” without ever having truly lived. They are unhappy.

By understanding the truth of what happens when we “die”—the eternal infinite soul comes alive in the realization of its kingly-queenly immortal greatness.

From three personal Near-Death Experiences (NDEs), and most importantly, from a lifelong 24/7/365¼ experience of eternal life, I present ancient and personal knowledge of the truth that “you cannot die.” These are not falsely held beliefs; these are personal felt experiences in alignment with the greatest ancient world’s wisdom.

Throughout my life, I have worked with the dying, having constant conversations with thousands in the Spirit world—including great Spiritual Masters—and can confirm the reality of immortality.

When you give up the lie that you “die,” you gain the ability to live life fully and passionately. You can answer the two most essential questions in your life: “Who am I?” and “Why I am here now?” 

This heart-opening elevation in the transformation of your consciousness will shatter your previously held misleading beliefs, and give you direct knowledge of your soul, Spirit, and the One Source.

"We are not individuals yet. We are struggling toward individuality, and that is the Infinite; that is the real nature of man. He alone lives whose life is in the whole universe, and the more we concentrate our lives on limited things, the faster we go toward death. Those moments alone we live when our lives are in the universe, in others; and living this little life is death—simply death—and that is why the fear of death comes. The fear of death can only be conquered when man realizes that as long as there is one life in this universe, he is living. When he can say, “I am in everything, in everybody; I am in all lives; I am the universe,” then alone comes the state of fearlessness."

Zombie Vampire Apocalypse Is Already Here

Since Frankenstein and Dracula came on the scene in 1818 and 1897, we have witnessed a plethora of stories, movies, TV films and shows on the topic of shadow creatures who need redemption. This includes Beauty and the Beast, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and so many others. Vampires, werewolves and zombies are all the rage now. And rage they do -- our inner hidden vampires, werewolves and zombies.

Our inner vampire is the part that cannot find our own centre and energy source, so we suck it, steal it, drink it, take it and remove it from our willing or unwilling victims. Of course, our own inner vampire steals energy from our spirit, soul, mind and emotions, till there’s hardly any energy for life. That’s when we become zombies.

According to recent sociological and psychological research, increasingly we are living in a time of cardboard men and plastic women. Such people cannot survive without being energy stealers and emotional vampires. These emotionally walking wounded are a health epidemic. They are chronically anxious and depressed—and the people they latch onto are equally anxious and depressed.

Emotional vampires are subtle in their methods; they can stir up your emotions and make you feel unbalanced. They are self-absorbed and think only of what they can get from you. You need to learn what creates zombies and vampires. They often mimic their parents, and are mistreated and abused in childhood, which has never been dealt with. These wounded need to compensate by stealing your vitality in order to survive. If you have a victim mentality, are afraid of asserting yourself, and are a people-pleaser, you are a direct and easy target for a zombie vampire.

Since all relationships are a continuous energy exchange, you need to know how to stop people from sapping your energy, create healthy boundaries, and emancipate yourself from the clutches of others.

This presentation will support you in understanding why this is happening to you, and how to avoid it in the future. You must develop a successful plan to deal with these people, who are your family, neighbours, co-workers and strangers. Self-care develops self-worth.