18 Miracles For Your Healing Journey Into the Light
This book is to help you celebrate the fact that you are a miracle yourself. The challenges it takes to be conceived, born, grow and heal are immense. And you are making this journey perfectly. The more you understand these 18 Miracles that rule the universe and Divine-Human reality, the more harmony, balance and flow your life will have. As you progressively deal with your fears, suffering and pain, you will find the love, hope, courage and trust return to your heart’s love experiences. Remember that TRUST is Total Receptivity Uniting with Source Truth.

As you SOAR, Surrender-Open-Allow-Release-Receive, and apply these miracles daily to your every breath, thought, feeling and sensation, you will reap the riches of knowing just how miraculous your life really is! I have used these miracles for over 40 years to heal myself and thousands of students, clients, and workshop attendees. Truth reigns. Healing happens.
Love IS All. The Light IS Everything. It’s my hope for each of you that as you consciously Become the Love You Are, you will fulfill your life’s destiny and purpose with passion, joy and a deep sense of richest fulfillment.

Founder and Director of the Academy of World Psychology and Creative Arts, psychotherapist and medical-psychological anthropologist, Joseph has researched and trained thousands of clients in a vast network of complementary ancient and modern quantum healing modalities for over 37 years. Joseph is a composer, artist and writer living in Victoria, BC.

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61-Point, 5-Pointed St Blue Light Meditation CD
Only in living from the passionate depths of one’s core Soul-Self, can one find peace, happiness, joy, unconditional love, divine compassion, hope, faith, meaning and fullest sense of truly being ALIVE and VITAL. Embodying this for your self is the coming AWAKE to heart and soul. In living from your centre, you have the skills, abilities and confidence you need for a loving, courageous life.

This ancient 61-Point, 5-Pointed Star Blue Light Meditation has been well known in India for centuries, and is done by the Yogis, Sadhus and Acharyas there. While meditating one day in 1989, it came to me that the origin of this meditation goes back to a time and culture before ancient India, notably the Egyptian pharaonic period from 8,000 to 12,000 B.C. It is highly likely that it goes beyond ancient Egypt to Atlantis and Lemuria as well.

The purpose of this meditation is to connect each soul to its Light-Love-Source found in the Astral-Causal-Etheric Bodies being superimposed inside and throughout the Physical Body. Ancient wisdom tradition teaches there are seven bodies within one. This meditation balances, harmonizes and integrates all these higher Light-Wisdom-Emotional-Soul Bodies within the Physical Body.

The benefits of daily repeating this meditation are many and great. One attunes to the spiritual Light Source within oneself. One remembers and deeply experiences that one has always been a Being of Light-Love throughout eternity. Higher mental clarity, knowledge and wisdom become your enhanced experience. Growing intuition deepens your consciousness of the vastness of spiritual psychic abilities, such as the ability to read the akashic records. Your emotions become clear, open, stable, grounded, purified and able to be expressed with honesty and love.

by Dr. Joseph Barry Martin

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Babaji's Mantras, Chants, Meditations, Messages
Babaji Nagaraj is the infinite Universal Creator and well known as an incarnation of Shiva worldwide. In this original document of Babaji’s gift of mantras, chants, meditations and messages to all people of this world at a time of great transformational crisis, the emanations of His Great Love will provide light, healing, courage, strength, decision and action.

In the same spiritual reality as Jesus Christ and Paramahansa Yogananda, Babaji’s words of blessed relief and emancipation to the heart and soul will encourage, unify and support you on your spiritual and psychological journey as you embody His vibrational truth. What greater purpose and meaningful path can you imagine for yourself than complete conscious awareness of your being’s oneness with Source Light and Love?

Open the doors of your heart and absorb the goodness, purity and compassion of the One High Love you are. Through this offering, may you exhibit TRUTH – Total Receptivity and Responsiveness Uniting the Heart. It is Babaji’s wish that the countless billions of creatures living on planet Earth at this time be blessed with full conscious health, love, light and unity. The Light, the Light, the Light IS Everything. And so may it infinitely evermore be.

Founder and Director of the Academy of World Psychology and Creative Arts, psychotherapist and medical-psychological anthropologist, Joseph Barry Martin has researched and trained thousands of clients in a vast network of complementary ancient and modern quantum healing modalities for over 37 years.
Joseph is a composer, artist and writer living in Victoria BC.

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Babaji's Messages of Infinite Love, Hope and Peace Regarding the Earth Changes
There are Two Revolutionary Changes currently taking place on the planet--one being spiritual, and the other geophysical.

The Spiritual Revolution. The planet is 4.5 billion years old and has experienced evolving spiritual revolutions throughout this time frame, from Golden Age to Dark Age to Golden Age. The spiritual revolution is intensifying because we are right at the pivotal point for the crucial change as we enter the next Golden Age. People for hundreds, if not thousands, of years, have called this Armageddon, Apocalypse, the New Age, the Age of Aquarius, the Time of Telling, the end of the Mayan calendar, Polar renewal, Polar shift, planetary resurrection, the closing of the Cycle, the Tribulation, the Fourth Dimension, the Sixth World, the Day of Judgment, and the Rapture. Why has this been predicted for this particular time frame? Obviously there are a deep spiritual and geophysical revolutions that are unfolding, clearly evidenced by changing climate and weather patterns.

The Geophysical Revolution. The fascinating thing about the geo-physical revolution is that we are already 80% of the way through the changes. Yet we continue to get questions like, “Are there going to be climate changes?” The most important thing that we need to recognize is that all changes are inner, interior and not necessarily outer. The real pole shift is in your inner consciousness and your vibrational Light, which is why we began with AUM NAMAH SHIVAYA, because the shift in consciousness that is needed is all about choice and free will. You need to be mindful about what you are thinking in every moment and that is where the shift begins.

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Buddha's Heart Sutra: Why the World is Now a Ghetto
The pure light of Shakyamuni Gautama Buddha's teachings has spread to all corners and cultures of the world. His images adorn our homes and gardens as sculpture and art; they are now part of our contemporary world view.
What exactly did Buddha teach?
How relevant are his steps to freedom for our lives and society today?

During this time of dramatic upheaval and transformation, individuals are searching for ancient truths, such as the Buddha revealed 2500 years ago, in order to find personal freedom, knowledge, creativity and enduring love.

In this clear, brief and relevant discussion of the approximately 250 words of the focal point of all Buddha shared - the Prajna Paramita or Heart Sutra - we find practical and truthful answers to our loneliness, depression and personal suffering, along with the violent malaise and chaotic social changes of our time - the ghettoization of the planet.

The time-tested steps to end all pain, sorrow and suffering are found in the psychological commentary that is woven into this book. Excerpts from Adi Shankaracharya's Crest-Jewel of Discrimination, Jesus' views by Yogananda on the Second Coming of the Christ Intelligence, Yogananda on Consciousness and Matter and Deganawideh the Hodenosaunee Peacemaker show the unity of this soul connection with the Source Creator.

Radiant, colourful images of the Buddhas as well as healing mandalas create healing, openings and a sense of beauty and bliss for the reader. From this offering, may you find pure joy, supreme peace, deep self-worth and pure love.

Founder and Director of the Academy of World Psychology and Creative Arts, psychotherapist and medical-psychological anthropologist, Joseph Barry Martin has researched and trained thousands of clients in a vast network of complementary ancient and modern quantum healing modalities for over 37 years. He has studied and practiced various cultural forms of Buddhism. Joseph is a composer, artist and writer living in Victoria BC.

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Celebrating the Flow of Life: 27 Ancient and Modern Psychotherapies
(2nd Edition, 1998)
Celebration of life is the most important aspect in our hurried, stressed-out, twenty-first century society. The methods and techniques outlined her for healing, consciousness-raising and spirit-soul-mind-body integration allow you to evolve along your personal evolutionary path. Life is a flow. A flow of energy, of communication, of music, of rhythms and mostly, a flow of love being received and given.

These articles appeared in Vitality, a Toronto monthly Wellness Journal, between 1989 and 1995. They represent various types of psychotherapeutic theories and practices that are on the forefront of personal healing and wellness—Transpersonal or Spiritual Psychologies--and some are also ancient traditions. The articles range from Mind-Body Healing--like NLP and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy; Spirit-Soul Healing—like shamanism, Buddhism, Sufism, and Dreamwork; Relationship Healing—like Co-dependency, ACOA, and Ecopsychology; and the Creative Healing Quest—like art and music therapy.

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Living in Two Worlds—A Life of Love
A spiritual journey that transcends time, illuminates teachings of ancient philosophers and celebrates the power of love.
Joseph Martin's autobiography, with remembrances from before birth and throughout his 63 years, shatters our normal perceptions that the physical experience is all there is to life. It is a testament to the truth of Spirit and Source as being our true home. It is a book not just about beliefs, but about inner authentic knowing and creating the life you choose. Going well beyond near-death experiences, this book will enable you to connect with Spirit, Source, Spiritual Masters, and higher dimensions of reality throughout your days and life. Awe inspiring, deeply original and empowering, this book will shift you into a path of heart-centered awareness.

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Making Money Through Soul Gold Alchemy CD
Money and Spirit

Money is the visible sign of a universal force. This force in its earthly manifestation works on the vital and physical planes. In its origin, its true action belongs to the Divine, and like other Divine powers it came to be misunderstood and usurped in a selfish way by the ego and lower nature. It seems that the three forces of power, wealth and sex have the strongest attraction for the ego. To become an ascetic or claim poverty consciousness as being spiritual, is only to relegate the power of money to the shadows of the unconscious from where it can wreak havoc in individual and global life.

We need to struggle with our own sense of soul and thereby reclaim the gold and prosperity within us. We have a wealth of gold within us, which we are mostly unaware of. “We are sitting on a whale fishing for minnows,” as Joseph Campbell used to say. Jung says that the real work is to turn the “shit” in our darkest unconscious shadow into pure gold and light. This CD meditation is the needed bridge from the dark chaos of the unconscious to regain the unity of the Source Light-Love of Self.

Spiritual Prosperity and Abundance Through Jungian Psychology
by Dr. Joseph Barry Martin

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Peaceful War: Asserting Victory
Peaceful War: Asserting Victory compiles poetry written at the turn of the millennium as we move into the 21st century. The battle between the spiritual and animal sides of our human nature has always been at the centre of our psychology and our civilizations. Since the dawn of time, the history of our Earth has been the story of endless conflicts through warfare and domination. At this next juncture, as we move into what the Indigenous peoples call the Fifth World in 2012, we must find revolutionary new methods of interpersonal resolutions in order to evolve, thrive and leave a healthy planet and increasing world unity for our descendants and All Our Relations.

The ensouled and ennobled heart is the only mediator between our spirit and animal natures. These poems hopefully create an energetic, living bridge between our polarities. Through this heart awakening, you will experience the
higher virtues of being the Love You Are, including invincible courage, catalytic confidence, superior strength, and the natural ability to decide and act with compassion and kindness. May your journey be one of joy and friendship.

While deeply honouring the sacred sacrifices of all warriors and soldiers past, present and future, these poems ask us to reflect upon the brutality, inhumanity, hopelessly dashed dreams, and the personal, family and collective tragedies that result from wars and their strategies. We all desire peace, and the path of the Peacemaker is finally at hand. The sane response to our dilemma is to experience a quantum heart leap into the Presence of the Source Heart, so that all our actions will succeed and grow our personal love capacities.

Founder and Director of the Academy of World Psychology and Creative Arts, psychotherapist and medical-psychological anthropologist, Joseph Barry Martin has researched and trained thousands of clients in a vast network of complementary ancient and modern quantum healing modalities for over 37 years. Joseph is a composer, artist and writer living in Victoria BC.

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Pure Mind Training Life Manual
Life is for learning, changing perceptions, removing filters from our minds, opening our hearts to the fullness of Divine Love, healing our physical bodies and experiencing love for all other creatures with whom we interact.

Experience will prove to you that you can attain these necessary life changes by following and embedding the processes described in this Pure Mind Training Life Manual.  For the 30 years years that I have had the privilege of coaching many people through their life challenges and opportunities, in them I have witnessed quantum growth, mind expansion and soul evolution using these Pure Mind Training and other psychological techniques.

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Seven Sacred Teachings
The Seven Sacred Teachings is a message of traditional values and hope for the future. The Teachings are universal to most First Nation peoples. These Teachings are aboriginal communities from coast to coast. They are a link that ties First Nation, Inuit and Métis communities together.

David Bouchard is Canada’s most renowned and awarded Métis author. Dr. Joseph Martin has spent his life coming to understand the Sacred Teachings. Métis Kristy Cameron took a year out of her life to interpret the Teachings through her art. Swampfox has created seven flutes out of seven different woods, each in the key that is consistent with a particular Teaching. This master flute maker then dreamed seven songs to accompany this telling.

Look to the East. Is it not easy to see how insignificant you are when you marvel at the rising sun? Wolf, who epitomizes the Teaching of Humility, howls announcing the arrival of Grandfather Sun. Through Wolf, we learn that the pack is more important than the individual. The Trembling Aspen models Humility and the song you’ll hear is in the key of C – because C exemplifies Humility.

Rooted in humility and honesty, the creators have tried to respect the cultures and traditions of all peoples. It is our hope that this telling will unite and thus heal divisions. Prophecies tell that this is the time for One Heart, One Mind and One Drum. We, readers and authors alike, are the ones we have been waiting for. There is nobody else who can revitalize our culture and values except ourselves.

It is our hope that this telling might move readers toward greater courage and wisdom and ultimately toward achieving and understanding what is true in life’s journey.

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Skennen Kowen - The Peace is Great
Through the centuries, the ravages of war, disease, murder, cultural genocide, and incarceration in residential schools and other forms of prison have killed millions of First Nations individuals and cultures in Canada, on Turtle Island and all over Mother Earth. However, the Spirits of the Ancestors, great Peace Chiefs, Warriors, Visionaries and Leaders are stronger now than ever.

At this time of the Seventh Generation Fire, the Spirits of the Great Ones have indeed returned to bring us back to The Way of Peace, the Kayenerehkowen. Tashunke Witko (Crazy Horse) proclaimed "We shall return, we shall return again, all over the Earth; my people, we shall return again to bring harmony and peace to All Our Relations."

These poems honour the native soul of each and all of us, along with All Our Relations, and particularly the great Native Spirit Masters such as Hinmaton Yalatkit (Chief Joseph), Tashunke Witko, Tatanka Yotanka (Sitting Bull), Goklayeh (Geronimo), Hehaka Sapa (Black Elk)), Deganawideh The Peacemaker, Dendreah the White Buffalo Woman - Earth Mother, Tecumthe (Tecumseh), Tenskwatawa (The Open Door), Poundmaker, Louis Riel and Crowfoot.

Despite certain advancements in music, arts, and theatre in various First Nations in Canada, these poems were written in response to the on-going cultural, linguistic, and educational losses and barricades to the Spirit, hopes and dreams of the First Nations peoples. Everyone has red blood and each person born is "native to the Earth." These poems inspire us to reconsider skin colour and heritage, along with our bigotries and prejudices, in order to build a Canadian identity and society worthy of ourselves and all our ancestors.

Skennen Kowen, The Peace is Great!

Founder and Director of the Academy of World Psychology and Creative Arts, psychotherapist and medical-psychological anthropologist, Joseph Barry Martin has researched and trained thousands of clients in a vast network of complementary ancient and modern quantum healing modalities for over 37 years. He taught Native Studies at the University of Toronto, and has been affiliated with the Mohawk village of Kanehsatake in Oka Quebec since 1974. Joseph is a composer, artist and writer living in Victoria BC.

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Travelling Light
We are thrilled to announce the publication of our new book ‘Travelling Light, A Call To Great Power Through The Nine Inner Places Of Truth, Freedom And Love Consciousness.’ (559 pages)

The introduction of Travelling Light shares qualities of the spiritual peacemaker warrior through ancient Toltec knowledge. This life-challenging, adventurous story follows the hero and his teacher don Miguel through Latin America.

The main text then becomes a self-help book for you the hero-heroine to open gateways to the Nine Inner Great Power Places of Truth, Freedom and Love, your true identity as conscious Source Light and greater Pure Love.

Based on 37 years of intensive experience with individuals and groups, Travelling Light embodies all the Eastern, Western and First Nations modalities of the world, including particularly Ayurveda and Kriya Kundalini Yoga.

Inspirational and practical, transform your life through ancient and modern physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual techniques. The book is based on and therefore useful as a text for individual and group classes and study.

Divine readings and mythological stories, along with techniques for working with inner children, dreams and the unconscious, creativity, soul vocation, personal mythology and soul relationships come to life. Joyfully fulfill your path of remembering to be the love you are!”

As you know the modalities, techniques and most of all Heart Love-Light consciousness we in Source Co-Creations embody and wish to share is what the book is about. We trust you will have much great use and enjoyment from ‘Travelling Light.’

Book outline Travelling Light:

A Call to Great Power through the Nine Inner Places of Truth, Freedom and Love Consciousness (Volume I)
By Dr. Joseph Barry Martin with Miriam Sanua

Price: $47.95