Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Health

From Victim to Victor

To move from Victim to Victor you need to engage the process of championing your soul and inner child. Today's society with so much abuse, bullying, social isolation has created a culture of zombies and vampires and this is evident in the numerous TV shows around such matters. The underlying emotions of anger, rage, shame - for this is a very shaming cultures, sadness, grief, loneliness, depression, fear, terror and dread, need to be addressed through deeply sincere and dedicated shadow work. SOARR - Surrender, Open, Allow, Release and Receive - the formula to achieve empowerment or re-empowerment and become the Victor in your own life. The hero/heroine of your own journey. To be authentic and true to yourself and living with courage, true friendships, vulnerability and resilience are the highest ideals of individuation.

Healing Shame Through Being Vulnerable and Empathetic

The society we live in is shame-based and infiltrates all aspects of life, heaped upon global citizens by all the institutions. The key to overcoming shame is to do some inner work to deal with the anger, sadness and fears - understanding real emotional intelligence and transmuting fear to love through being vulnerable for and with oneself and experiencing empathy for others.

Introduction to Identity, Self Worth, Self Confidence, The Source of Your Love

This new series on topics that are essential to us all here on planet earth, explores finding your own unique identity - which is your true spiritual love identity; sorting through the psychological, cultural, anthropological and sociological ramifications of the identity and roles we assume in our day-to-day existence. Working to integrating your spiritual identity is key.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know: Gaining Competence and Authenticity

There is so much in our world that we need to learn and it is important that you learn what you don’t know; skillsets, knowledge or wisdom. This is a how to know what you know, and know what you don’t know.  Steps in how to gain competency in what you are, what you do and what you make; how to create authenticity for yourself; how to overcome duality and your connection to Source and authenticity with other people.
Personal evolution for each of us means to maximize your skillsets and take them to the infinite highest level that you possibly can - whatever that might be. Developing skillsets are key here and you need to start the training. Techniques will be soon available on the online I AM SELF WORTH coaching program.
Communication is secondly vitally important and you need to develop all the communication skillsets that you can. A lot of communication is non-verbal in the ways of body language, hand gestures, eye contact and open heartedness, listening attentively. There are four steps highlighting the different ways to become competent in the highest skillsets and enhancing communication, which are demonstrated in this video.

Dealing with Oppression and Depression: Creating Liberation, Freedom

This topic is dealing with oppression and depression and creating liberation for yourself and in our society. Oppression is part of human nature and why is this so? We oppress ourselves because we do not accept ourselves as we are and the ego inside wants to oppress our feelings, emotions, self worth and soul. All society has oppression for all civilization. Families can have control issues, power and abuse issues for the most part as well as institutions, caste systems, class systems; this is an anthropological observation. It is not a judgment but an open ended discourse and dialogue to create understanding of the structure and functioning inherent to the system. The fear of death for which we do not work through is a powerful mitigating factor behind oppression and the driving force of oppressors. Our human inabilities with superiority complexes and inferiority complexes lead us to direct human incompetence. The key is around fear and love.  Apathy is the opposite of both of those – giving up and not doing anything for ourselves. Turn all fears into love. We find liberation for ourselves by ourselves – self-liberation.
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Self-Responsibility and Self-Reliance for a True Democracy

Democracy is an issue that was created about twenty four hundred years ago in Greece as a social experiment. It had not been around since the Dark Ages and the fall of Rome. It was spawned through the Renaissance that started in Italy and Europe and gave birth to higher knowledge and higher awareness being brought back from Greece and Egypt. This Enlightenment in the last 200 to 300 years in the West allowed us to come forward with a new political and social experience. The question is what is your experience of democracy at this time and how are you feeling about it? Society today and possibilities for our life experiences are not what we hoped for or dreamed of with certain blockages and limitations to what we can experience as true global citizens. This is a brief overview and exploration on the issue of Democracy in our society today and what we would want in order to develop self-responsibility and self-reliance when finding your true identity and respecting everyone around you as the Global Family and consciousness now emerges.

Forgiveness Leads to Faith, Freedom, Fearlessness and Love

All experiences in life are for learning. At the end of the day it is self-forgiveness leads to emotional, mental and spiritual freedom and fearlessness - the true spiritual warrior. The highest outcome of inner work and releasing self-judgments is self love - accepting yourself as being perfect as you are. The acronym for FAITH is Fully Accepting Integrity of the Heart and transmuting fear creates courage, strength, decision and action.

Experience Self Unity By Transforming and Integrating All Your Internal and External Complimentary Oppositions

As a uniquely created and complex species living in the duality of the created universe, we have to recognize all the parts that make up our internal and external complimentary oppositions. These parts need transformation through the complimentary oppositions; that being in the spirit-body and mind-emotions, ego-Self, light being-dark shadow, masculine-feminine, conscious-unconscious, inner-outer, future-past, joy-sorrow and the list goes on. As we embrace our true values, attitudes we can have a positive effect on all our thoughts, feelings and actions and personal interactions and live a more empowered life.

Healing PTSD Shock and Shame

This topic highlights the core reasons that our society has become increasingly afflicted with the syndrome of PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or Syndrome, and what the underlying effects are for those who are suffering all over the world today not only from war but also the trauma of natural events that are destroying and displacing people from their homes, possessions and livelihoods. So what are the modalities that people can engage in to start on the path of healing to become normalized and more aware and empowered in their lives? There are a number of modalities that are suggested in this overview. The invitation is to seek them out and help yourself today to make a difference in your life.

From Hell to Hero-Heroine Seeker – How to Defeat Self-Defeat

Having grown up in a society that is defeatist in its outlook, we grow up as young children being influenced by all realms of our culture and communities, adults included to think and feel of ourselves as being victims to our circumstances. The addictions that we involve ourselves in serve only to send us into a deeper spiral of victimhood. The reality of our abilities and inner essence couldn’t be further from the truth. Through yoga, meditation, counseling, knowledge and education we can reconnect to our spiritual truth. We are powerfully unique and creative human beings and we have the ability to break out of the mentality of victimhood and self-defeat by embarking on the hero-heroine’s journey of empowerment.

Co-Inter-Independence, Our New Lifestyle

Relationships are emerging in our culture from being co-dependent to co-inter-independent. This new type of relationship is a lot healthier. When we can get to this place we have done some inner work on our shadow parts and no longer feel the need to project our insecurities on our significant other, family, siblings or business associates. We move from an infantile consciousness and shift into a more mature and empowered strong, grounded and self-assured and aware consciousness on the path to individuation that creates much healthier boundaries between individuals. This emotional spiritual maturity reflects out into the world for healthier respectful relationships and therefore no longer the need for warring and fighting.

Trust, Loyalty and Perfect Friendship

Friendships are what we all crave, even more than sugar! True friendships last longer than life. Throughout your life you will meet people you will feel connected to and this could be a good past life connection. There will be other people, perhaps even in your own family, your significant other, that you will have a karmic relationship with. This is good because it gives you the opportunity to work on yourself and to work on your relationship. When you have done this you can go on your way to meeting new people and growing and evolving with them as well. Learn to love everyone you meet and become their friend, even though some might in the end not love you, love and bless everyone you meet. Develop your sense of trust and discernment with people. Few people feel loved and accepted – you can be a loyal and trusting friend to many. Developing the ability to love unconditionally, listening and loyalty first and foremost to give to yourself and then you have the full capacity to share all of who you are to the world at large and all the friends around you.

Tipping Points in Life – Keys to Change

Consciousness is learning to recognize, perceive, sit with and reflect upon and take action on the reality that is always present and simply unrecognized. Most of the planet is unconscious. Learn the skills you need to enhance your expanded awareness, ESP – intuition, subtle Akashic knowing. Clear your mind by removing the filters that NLP says blocks us from perceiving reality and listen to the thoughts that are coming up to the conscious mind. Clear your feelings and emotions in any reactive situation. Track your personal health to listening to your body so you can know how to look after yourself. When you learn to balance the body, feelings, mind and spirit you can regain your innocence and power – the power of self-love which moves to creating tipping point changes.

LOVE, LIBERATION, LIVE LIFE – The Revolution of Heart Love

Einstein has two very interesting questions regarding the nature of the universe, which we can briefly look at here. The Revolution of Heart Love and Light is opening us to become more vulnerable and open to empathy, which is to have a strong or constant affection for someone. In a romantic connection – to be vulnerable means to be totally open and surrendered. Love is what the universe is made of – the adamantine particles which are the smallest most primary particles of energy.  Love is the universal force of the myriad of billions of galaxies. Love is who you are – the I AM Presence. Liberation – is the act of setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery and oppression. Liberation is not only physical; it can be emotional, mental and spiritual as well. Living life is living in a state of being, being open to the challenges and the capacity for growth, reproduction and continuous change. Ontology is the study of existence itself. Is there life after death as one of Einstein’s questions or is there nothing? When we shed our mortal coil there is a higher reality, you will always be. Are you alive or dead spiritually speaking or psychologically while you are here? We constantly need Spirit and to psychologically rebirth ourselves. Some people never feel love and they are the ones who never live life or feel completely alive. Love itself is liberation and life.

FAITH – HOPE – LOVE – Love is the Greatest For Our Troubling Times

Part of this statement comes from Paul written in Corinthians. FAITH – fully accepting in the heart – do you need a “faith” lift? HOPE – Healing Opening Power Energy – hope above all for life and the living in this time. To have hope is the need to look forward to an enhanced and better tomorrow. The acronym for LOVE could be: Light and Life opening to vulnerability and empathy – to bring your heartfelt authenticity, healing and wholeness. Love is the greatest magnetic attractor and will magnetize friendships, your significant other or partner/s in work, and business clients. Unleashing the power of love is to experience grounded reality, joy, play, humour, fun and creativity. Love is the Source and the powerhouse of All That Is in your heart centre.


Buddha speaks of the Pure Mind, Empty Mind. The goal is to move from the unconscious to the ego consciousness and take this to the superconsciousness and become awakened. When the mind is filled with boxes the perceptions that we have of ourselves and others and life are false. There is a need for clearer communication, opening the mind and clearing the boxes and the walls and we can learn these skills through NLP, dreaming, learning to understand our dreams, Lucid dreaming and active and passive imagination. When we can get to a place of absolute clarity we have what is known as a Mind of Clear Light – which is transcendent and immanent cosmic consciousness. We learn to move from 1st position where we are inside of ourselves, to 2nd position where we can be in the place of the next person and 3rd position where we can see the whole picture.
I AM Yoga and meditation calls for inner stillness. Breathwork enhances the watching and listening of the ego’s perceptions, and to go inside to find the clarity and Source – the Eternal Source and Reality and Truth to be contacted.


In a world that has gone crazy, we typically look outside ourselves in the 3rd dimension to try and change yet this is not where we need to focus our attention. We need to focus our attention on our inner world.
The etymology of crazy is – full of cracks or flaws, diseased, sickly; to drive someone crazy.
Despair – lose all hope, be dismayed, de-spes – the sense of futility, defeat, lose, to give up.
Hope – is the feeling all will turn out for the best, something you look forward to, trust.
Where is your HOPE meter on a scale of 1 to 10?
When it comes to the Self – how much worth do you put in yourself vs others and circumstances? How often do you feel let down? And by what or whom? How do you bounce back and retrieve your hope? It is all about how you feel about it and think about it. We cannot change the world or others, just ourselves. What are the steps to move from despair back home to hope?
Spiritually – to be concerned with the Soul and not the material world; how we relate to the Source – your Source, the heart; to make life sacred and not profane; to highly refine the mind and the emotions with the delicate quality of being; to aspire – to breathe on, climb up to, endeavor, meditate on the purpose to obtain and accomplish a goal; aspire to spirituality, hope, being centered, grounded and living in your heart.


Stress is caused through hardship, adversity, force, pressure, referring to a ‘tight’ situation, compressed, compulsion and strain. Stress could be spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, tension caused through worry, anxiety in life, work, relationships both internal and external. The external causes of stress come to us through the environment, toxins, chemicals, food, water, war, starvation, abuse, bullying, social ranking, overcrowding, job shaming and bullying, genetics, family, religion – any force whether material or non-material that takes away individual choice and being in charge of ones life.
Internal stresses could be the repetitive state of a dysfunctional cause involving negative thinking, harmful emotions, victimhood, giving up, lack of self-confidence and self-worth, the lack of being in the second position to understand the bigger picture of someone else’s perspective, meditation, connection to Source and living in a wider open system.
The results or effects of stress: it kills brain cells, creates belly fat, causes low immunity, insomnia, depression, telomere reduction which in and of itself causes ageing and DNA splitting, increased adrenaline, arterial plaque, heart attacks and issues such as arrhythmia, anger, rage, feelings of being subordinate, psychiatric illness, aggression, poor health, loss of social connections and a shorter life. The fight or flight syndrome is a positive response in the way that it creates an awareness of self and to be emotionally aware of who is dominating you, what work does to you, your boundaries in relationships and speaking up.
The antidotes and treatments include mediation to connect to your Source, being in nature and feeling yourself as one with it. Finding a new way of living, working and relating to others in a way that is respectful, honouring, in having compassion, fairness, respect, kindness, justice and to promote human flourishing. One important concept is that of giving and sharing rather than receiving; in the new Sacred Living Economy the vision is to transform the Self and hence the global social system. We are talking about Brave New Authentic Humans and World.


Suicide is the number one non-accidental death for Canadians. 8% of people try to take their lives and 80% think about it once or more. There is no present treatment and an urgent need to educate parents, teachers and young people.

What is needed are more facilities at school, college, university and work place to do right by our youth. And training for teachers and community workers to recognize the symptoms and how to approach them.
FACTS: 1 in 5 youth from the age of 9 to 19 suffer depression, anxiety, fear, loneliness – 20% much more and 70% of these emotional issues start in childhood and the teen years.
REASONS: abuse, incest, bullying, mostly for the minorities centered around the GLBT communities, ethnicity, women, skin colour, no love and no psychological support, In First Nations kids, 25% of deaths between the ages of 15 – 19 years are suicide. In my clinical work there are thousands of kids suffering who are lost in the cracks.
SYMPTOMS: verbally, emotionally and physically withdrawn, loss of appetite, poor appearance, low energy, oversleeping, and outbursts among other symptoms.

If you need help call 911, 211, talk to someone, be courageous enough to tell the truth, go to your local health clinic or emergency hospital, go online to or, or the


All things in the universe are Bi-rhythmic – compression and expansion and so are our body’s bi-polar. We have two lungs, two hemispheres of the brain, two sides to the body – arms, legs, eyes, nostrils. In addition to this there are the diurnal rhythms  of night and day as well as complex electrophysiology and biochemistry.
Societies and civilizations are Bipolar – they build up their societies and then bomb and destroy them in the split between truth and lies – hope and build, hate and destroy, conscious and unconscious. All this leads to ecstatic manic or mania and depression – cycles within cycles.
CAUSES: are not only genetic, but also social, cultural, war, trauma, abuse, rape, drugs (pharmaceutical and otherwise). There are socio-psychological and cultural reasons for the world to be bi-polar. The syndrome of truth vs lying creates and effect on the psyche both individually and collectively. Lack of self-worth, self-judgment, blame and shaming contribute to the bi-polar nature.
SYMPTOMS: insomnia, eating changes, fatigue, depression, sadness, anxiousness, emptiness, and moods.


There are always challenges finding true and meaningful love, feeling understood, listened to, cared for and accepted for just who you are. It is more difficult these days what with less trust, sexting, objectification, bullying, separation, prolonged teenage immaturity, racism and prejudice. Teenagers get involved in sex at a much earlier age and there is no love, a feeling of loneliness, despairing. Lust is an energy that is momentary and not lasting or fulfilling; people get addicted to porn, sex and treating themselves and others as objects, less than an animal. The mental-emotional aspect appears when men and women marry their ‘mother’ or ‘father’ as a way to work out their own personal real life concerns. When these issues go unresolved as a poor way to deal with inner personal issues over attachment leads to controlling behavior, power games either subtle or overt, stalking, abuse, sadness, loneliness, despair, dejection, rejection and the end of relationships. The heart is the truly authentic place to live consciously. To be in your heart you are authentic, open, vulnerable, real, feeling, honest, have integrity, and becoming your own person with your own needs. Let others be themselves and have their own needs. Nobody can be everything for you. Only your spiritual-psychological-emotional feeling heart can be your connection to Source and the All That Is.


With a sense of lack of self-worth, loss, separation, despair, and lack of self-confidence, the soul is suffering in prison. If you have no satisfying relationships you need solace, and to strive for a solution to find out where love is. You need to find the Source, solitude, confidence and to surrender to what is. To find your SELF. Engage in sacred and not profane relationships. The need for true connection, purpose, meaning, trust, healing, growth and feeling understood is important to us all. The need to find your spiritual Source that is you. If you have lost love or someone doesn’t love you there is deep sorrow and pain and it is important to process these emotions. The I AM SELF WORTH SELF COACHING Program will support you in finding your SELF and releasing all the attendant emotions and issues around lost love or inauthentic love.


Valentinus was a monk in early Roman times. The Emperor had him imprisoned because he was marrying the soldiers and the Emperor did not want his soldiers marrying and having families. Valentinus had a special relationship with his jailer and the jailer’s daughter. He healed his jailer’s daughter. Before execution he sent her a heart shaped paper – “Your Valentine”.
This is mythology and folklore for the meaning of spring, new life, and new love celebrated around most of the world as a calendrical holiday. On February 14th you can choose your mate and in many cultures of the world Valentine’s Day is an expression of love and friendship for lovers, family and friends.
SOARR – stands for Surrender, Open Allow, Release and Receive – surrender to fear, sorrow, anger from past lovers and friends. Open to love anew – choose a new better life. Allow someone into your life, allow yourself to find and be love. Release all old relationships, fears, traumas and heal and grow. Receive new knowledge, skills, communication abilities, new friends into your heart and life. Love without Attachments. Be the Love You Are!


True love is the connection to Source in your heart, Earth and the Cosmos, Atman, Nirvana to overcome the delusion of separation, suffering and separateness. It is the essence of unity consciousness. Steve Winwood says in his song; Higher Love “ Think about it, there must be higher love, down in the heart or hidden in the stars above…Bring me a higher love, Where’s that higher love I keep thinking about? Without it, life is wasted time, look inside your heart and I’ll look in mine. “
The acronym for Heart – Healing, Emotions, Authenticity, Atman, Realization of Self and Truth and Trust.
Einstein’s quote “Human beings, vegetables or cosmic dust – we all dance to a mysterious tune intoned in the distance by an invisible piper.”

HOPE and COURAGE For Our Future

Hope is what your heart is made from: courage, change, self responsibility, strength, patience, resilience, honour and humour.
The etymology of the word hope: look forward, wish, expect. Dread is the oppositve.
The Definition: Aspiration, aim, goal, plan – CHOICE, turn out for the best, expectation
Acronyms: HOPE  - Heavens Healing; Opening Permanently and Progressively; Energizing Eternally
Hope makes sense of suffering and pain. It reconnects us to one another and brings peace, even joy. Hope helps us start over again after disaster and locates our true identities. Hope heals the frazzled mind. Hope gives us wholeness, unity with Spirit, Source. Hope brings courage, strength, decision, love and action; and compassion to our common humanity. Hope above all is a common expression. Courage is the first of all human qualities. Find hope, courage and love in the darkest of days.


Suffering from shame from the youngest days of a toddler, one assumes a life-long quest for wholeness and authenticity. Jung describes shame as the swampland of the soul. People who are shame-based will typically be controlling, categorizing and analyzing. The buried emotions makes one feel frightened, insecure, apprehensive, lonely and depressed and misunderstood.
The power of mastery over shame is to reveal your secrets to those you feel appreciate you and will support you. Speak out of the silence and stop judging yourself. Start enjoying who you are and what has happened. Shame healed is indomitable courage and wholehearted love, kindness and gentleness.


To be vulnerable means to be open, real, authentic, taking off the masks, reaching out and taking courage, emotional risks and using humour. We tell lies, even little white lies which grow to bigger lies and untruths because we feel insecure, unloved and unlovable. We think that if we tell the truth others wont love us, which is further from the truth. When we become vulnerable, people relax and experience us as real, authentic, honest, moral and courageous. We can’t live a false, meaningless life; your soul needs to love and be loved; your spirit needs to awaken. Be a whole person. Be yourself and be deeply seen; it’s always a choice. Love with our whole hearts and know that you are enough.


Rebirthing is an ancient Hindu-Lemurian Spiritual Science brought to the Global World in the 1970s by Haidakhan Baba or Babaji Nagaraj through Leonard Orr and Sondra Ray.

To Regenerate – means to bring forth again, to be energetically reborn.
Recalibrate – realign energy fields.
Restore – build up again, repair, renew
Resurrect – bring back to life from the dead. As Jesus did.

What is Rebirthing? Healing and transformation of the Four Energy Bodies. It is the healing modality of circular breathing, release and regeneration of blocked, stale emotions in the physical and three other bodies – emotional-astral, mental-causal and spirit etheric body to regain and recalibrate the original primal breath.

Increasing the oxygen and energy intake eliminates toxic waste, detoxes the liver and kidneys, releases tension in the muscles, the skin and eyes shine, clears the lungs and sinuses and increases the flow of lymph.
Energetically – one feels grounded, centered and balanced. Rebirthing breaks old patterns of struggle and self-sabotage. It creates clarity of thoughts, focus, intention, and intuition and raises self-awareness. It is the flow and harmony of emotions in the now, the Tao.  Through rebirthing, which is a powerful kinesthetic experience one regains personal power, confidence, courage, love, longevity, health, energy, motivation and joy.


Being born with a hole in the heart is like a metaphor for the state of the world and humans – the wounded heart. Healing and clearing the physical and emotional wounding takes the creation of rituals of transformation and healing, ceremonies of courage and rituals of self-responsibility. All of this requires imagination. Babies are born totally connected to the right brain, which is the creative part of the brain. After age 7, and in schools this part of the brain is encouraged to become dormant through the development of the left-brain – the analytical, logical side which is what our education systems focus on.
Carl Jung stated that Imagination is Reality. To create healings and adventures with thought, intent, music, inner play and creativity. Ancient cultures embodied this way of being and doing. The right hemisphere is what takes us into our heart centres and allows life to happen to us from the inside out not the outside in.


This is a personal journey and story behind the power of the imagination to heal oneself physically, emotionally and mentally and to overcome challenges even from a young age. Over the decades much scientific, clinical and cultural research has revealed the why, how, where, when this occurs and answers who we truly are.

We have been treated and we treat ourselves as cogs in a wheel – a grinding wheel that wears us down and out. Carl Jung has said we should not accept our nullification and rather individuate from out of the system. We need to access our deep core beliefs as to why we need to do this. Over the centuries, it is those leaders who have dared to imagine who are the true leaders, the visionaries, artists and humanitarians. Some of them include: Leo Tolstoy, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela and Gandhi. Learning is remembering; creativity is courage. Love is a mystery and adventure and the true power and empowerment lies in being artists of the Spirit, visionaries of values and developers of discipline.


Every life is a just-so story of adversity and we are here to learn how to overcome our challenges and finding our uniqueness. We are also here for connection and reconnection with Spirit; the alive universe of knowledge, love, wisdom, play and growth.
We are here to awaken to our Soul nature – listening, following our highest Self, truth, character and courage.
Self-heal through Self-Realization.
Be Self-Responsible for self-education in an insane, totalitarian, sterilized, fear-mongering society.
Question the questions.
Follow the need for using your Imagination, Creativity and Individuation process for self-healing.
Be original, unique and your own true authentic Spark!
Take and make your own Spirit Voyage.
Learn to use and heighten your intuition.
Keep your inner child’s spirit strong to encourage imagination, joy, and play, and character building.
The wish is for everyone to have a full Spirit Reconnection and together we will change the world!


Humanity has lost meaning in every way. WORDS no longer carry deep meaning. They are unemotional signs worn out and denuded through propaganda and lies. JUSTICE has no meaning – laws do not uphold people’s rights – with racial, gender, orientation profiling. Education is planned amnesia, no critical thinking – having been seconded by corporate funding to train homo-economicus and patsies for corporations. Religion has no meaning. God is dead is where religion has moved the consciousness through the loss of mystery and meaning in vapid rituals. The abuse of women’s liberation has narrowed its purpose to free the feminine human nature – corporate women, women and girls as sexual-political slaves.

HUMANS are suffering desperation, despair, loneliness and addictions. NATURE lost its meaning through the degradation, profit only humans or economic tool of capitalism and commodification.- the Demonic Dollar and Slavery to the Dollar.
The loss of Ethnic integrity – cultural, racial genocide.
The loss of Beauty - art and museums have become a bland commodity.
Doublespeak comes through the loss of Truth and Goodness.
The loss of the Future – through the compromise of the Earth, Health, Relationships.
The loss of Conscience and Relationship to self and others as a Beloved Being.
The loss of Hope, Strength, Joy, Love, Compassion and Meaning all adds to the final fall liberation of Soul Consciousness.


Home is a place of peace, rest, security, sleep, intimacy, relaxation and revitalization. This is what we are all looking for in a place – looking for our center – just a place to be.

In real estate we create wish lists of the priorities we have of the mostly material desires we are looking for in a house and a property. A house is a sign of status, prestige, social values vs Home which is a sanctuary – a place one has the opportunity to rest in the openness of the emotional heart. People are in an emotional flux – and find it challenging to find and live in and from their heart on a permanent basis - their emotional center, which is why homes are being changed at least every three years these days.

In a time of great darkness on the planet, violence, hatred, greed and murder and war – it is essential to focus on Spiritual Mastery, the depth and height of your being; find the need for clarity, meditation, living in the Presence of Spirit, your Soul and being connected to Source. Enjoy the visualization journey to the Palace of the Heart.