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Psychopolitics – Donald Trump and Americans

Psychopolitics – Donald Trump and Americans

Psychopolitics is the study of the psychology of the national or regional collective humanity viz-a-viz the politics and psyche of the leader/s, the historical timeline, the culture, the values, the worldview, the attitudes, the levels of emotional maturity, and the unconscious projections, levels of fear and anxiety as shown by levels of anger, violence and murder, race and gender issues, rise or decline of the civilization, political instability, collective national self-view in terms of superiority-inferiority on the world stage, collective national view of how others see the nation, economic success, rise or fall of the middle or lower classes socio-economically, levels of education and self-awareness, evolutionary stage of revealed personal and collective democracy, and other related issues.

Based on the notions of, in particular, Jungian and Freudian psychoanalysis, psychopolitics is based foundationally upon the scientific fact that individuals, ethnic groups and national collectives – being mostly unconscious in their values, worldview and choices and who automatically project their unlived lives, their shadow sides, and their hopes and dreams – onto a leader who “fits” their ideal role model best.

America is the case in point for this discussion. The deadlocked, century-old, bipartisan political movement in America between the Democrats and the Republicans has become unworkable; established and entrenched with the economic elite corporations and power families and groups that have run these two parties before and certainly since WWII. This deadlock has created a stymied, inefficient institutional worldview that now amounts to puerile nay-saying and blocking of two-year-olds fighting in a sandbox.

The personal and collective egos of both sides block the other side and refuse to work together strictly on egotistical interests of power – being in control and looking good, feeling superior, under the guise of relevant ideologies and democratic politics. The entire system has ground to a complete halt over the last 50 years through corruption, incriminations, lies, deceit, propaganda, impeachments and threats of impeachments.

Interestingly, in the lead-up to the 2016 election of November, the voters of the nation demonstrate, as shown by the Democratic and Republic primaries, in particular the latter, that they are angry and refuse to elect an “establishment” candidate as their nominee for running in the 2016 election.

We have yet to see whether the Democrats will elect the revolutionary “socialist” Bernie Sanders or the establishment candidate Hillary Clinton, who for many, is unlikeable, untrustable and tied to “big money” of Wall Street and the Corporations, perhaps even Bilderberger.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump, in the primaries and caucuses, is beating all the Establishment and young Neo-Establishment candidates – by a large margin.

Donald Trump is not a seasoned politician. He has never held any political office on any level of government. Yet Mr. Trump is hugely successful in being selected by people of all walks of life except young voters. The elderly, the highly educated, the uneducated (“I love the uneducated” he quivers), the whites, blacks, latinos, middle class, lower class and other groups.

Why is this so? What is it about Mr. Trump that unconsciously attracts people to vote for him? Why are they so enthusiastic about him? These voters, the majority and the mainstream of America are angry, even furious. They feel their politicians have done nothing for them for decades in Washington. They want the Establishment out of politics. It doesn’t matter that Mr. Trump is not a politician.

How is it that Donald Trump appeals to so many American Republicans at this time?  To understand this clearly, we need to utilize the psychosocial science of psychohistory and psychopolitics. The reality of unconscious psychological projection as the major aspect of human psychological nature in all levels of society is the key. Whether we have noticed this before or not, a clear view of these facts will lay bare how people respond, how they deal with their ideal images and emotions, and how and who they vote for.

People vote for their idealized image of a leader, in particular a father or mother figure. This has always been so at this early stage of human evolution psychological. We are very far from a true consciously self-individuated group of citizens that would resemble a veritable democracy. The populace, the collective, have not become strong individual leaders of their own yet. So they project their unfinished ideals onto leaders that their unconscious psyches see as “ringers” for the best choice.

Why does Donald Trump epitomize the good father for so many Americans? Let’s look at Donald Trump first. Looking at the family upbringing and the psychological typology of the man, it is clear, as he himself states, that he is after power, money, greed, success, control, domination as the foci of his personal life. He feels he has attained this, and now wants the ultimate power of being the biggest man in the world, the President of the United States. He is bombastic, narcissistic, a bully, and plays for keeps. He is a chameleon and says what people want to hear. He has an uncanny psychic and psychological ability to know the tenor of the collective, the times, the issues, and plays to people’s angers, fears, frustrations, and anxieties by saying what he knows they want to hear. True to any sociopath and narcissist, he feels no personal compassion for the people; his grand ego is not interested in these feelings. Typically individuals of this nature have internalized no genuine feelings of these kinds of authentic human beings, although they are fully able to falsely exhibit them to others outside themselves. These psychopathic patterns are well documented for wealthy corporate billionaires of the world within the last 50 years.

How Mr. Trump got to be this way is a personal story of his own father, mother, ethnic backgrounds, multigenerational family history of successes and failures, particularly with respect to power, money, control, and gender issues.

From a larger collective and historical perspective, the issue of fathers and mothers looms large in the psyches of individuals and the American collective. As with many national collectives, the Freudian or Oedipus complex of the father-son conflict is one part of the underlying system. Fathers send their sons to war so that they may not take their wives (the sons’ mothers) from them. This is only half of the intergenerational family equation. For a patriarchal lineage to remain part of the Establishment or become part of the nouveau-riche as was the quest in America, particularly in New York City after the end of the American Civil War in 1865, fathers need to groom and promote their sons somewhat like pampered dogs in an international competition.

From a political perspective, there have been two Presidential families who have striven for this in America recently – the Kennedys under Joseph Kennedy and the Bush family under George H.W. Bush. Certain criminal and corporative elements of the American society did not take too kindly to the Kennedy clan and their rule did not last long. This is reminiscent of the deadly English-Scottish and English-Irish psychosocial political dramas of the last 500 years that created the exodus of the Irish to America in the first place.

The Bush family is a different story. They have been adulated by the American psyche as the monarchy for several decades now. Until now, Jeb Bush is out of the race; the American people no longer want the Bush Establishment. The Bush Establishment, the people now realize – consciously or unconsciously – stands for the subterfuge of the CIA and its corrupt, murderous, double-standard dealings throughout the third world and the world since the 1970s; and the first President G.H.W. Bush was head of the CIA and instigated the heinous programs that murdered and toppled democratic leaders and destabilized popular social conscience uprisings in South America, Southeast Asia and Africa.

There is still a question in the psyches of most Americans concerning George W. Bush’s involvement in the planned fiasco of 9/11 that still needs conscious resolution of the facts. The governmental analysis was a whitewash. The report by the architects and engineers, firefighters and police tells a different story of planning, manipulation and lies from inside the American society. We await truth and reconciliation in regards to 9/11.

Shame and Anger as the Basis for Donald Trump’s popularity.

It is clear that the world, nation-states, families, corporations, institutions, the education system, the justice system, and certainly all level of political governmental systems are shame-based. The families of the politicians running for office are shame-based. There is a touted connection between shame and the need and quest for overarching power, control, domination, wealth, and greed. It is based on a deep inferiority complex, masked as a superiority and even God-complex in the case of Donald Trump. Because there is so little grounded, conscious inner world foundation built on true spirituality, psychological awareness, humility and ego refinement, and a balanced self-view -- most politicians run because they grasp for power, control, notoriety, prestige, and domination. There are very few politicians who are not run by these internal psychodynamics. Donald Trump is certainly one who is.

Shame being the underlying unconscious basis for personal life choices of most people, we see why many Republican Americans or Americans are interested in voting for Donald Trump. We are in the decline and death of this cycle of the American society. It was only in 1776 that it became a nation; it is only 240 years old. That is relatively a short time with respect to the length of civilizations of ancient India, China, Japan, Rome, Maya, and even several European nations.

In psychohistorical cultural terms, American is now a two-year-old psychologically speaking. And the people are most definitely angry and acting like two-year-olds in a sandbox unwilling to play with those their own age. They want the whole sandbox. They want all the toys and are unwilling to share the space, the sandbox and the toys. They want to evict others or keep them out – Muslims, Latinos, and other immigrants. They are angry with their younger brothers and sisters they used to be able to boss about – in this case the whites no longer own the black slaves of America and can no longer boss them about. So they murder them in the streets. And they keep them out of winning Grammys at the Oscars. There are many faces to racism in America. They are subtle and they are overt. And civil rights notwithstanding, race wars in America still are unconsciously operating large groups of people within the society – through psychological group-race projections based on fears, anxieties, and issues of domination, control and inhumanity.

Donald Trump plays his cards along these lines. He is a political and social chameleon. He reads people and the times, and says what they want to hear, whether or not he believes it legitimately or morally. That is another question.

The American middle class are losing jobs, money, and are feeling ashamed of their losses socially and financially. Social status loss and shame are a major factor in the decline of the American people and their political choices for Donald Trump.

The Americans have lost every woe begotten war since WWII: Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and other places. The male psyche of the once all-powerful American nation has taken a beating. The warriors are shamed on the field, and at home. The Vets are suffering from suicides, and the “lost group” syndrome. Because the wars have been lost, the Americans project their shame onto their vets who languor in pain at home and the VA hospitals. Tragedy.

The American white males and their families sense they have lost status within society to other groups, in particularly Black Americans, latinos, and other immigrants, and for this they are bitter, angry, cynical and vengeful. They blame policies, the political Establishment, Washington, which is now the “bad father”. The previous projection onto politicians like Reagan and the Bush Presidents as being the “good father” who would protect and support us, give us our financial security has turned out to be a sham and a lie. And the people are angry. This is like the time prior to the French Revolution. The people want the heads of the old Establishment.

Will Donald Trump become President? If he does, it will be the first time someone with no policy, background, interest in supporting the people (“I am a greedy man and I just want more and more money and properties”), will be in office. We will wait and see.

All it takes is for good people to do nothing, and the dark soulless ones of the world will take power and destroy us all.

People can only be conned by the greatest con men when they are soulless, bored, and open to be cons and conned themselves.

Con artists are the aristocrats of crime. They play on people’s emotional vulnerability. They play on people’s desperate need for hope of any kind. They play on people’s vanity, everyone likes and is vulnerable to being flattered even in a non-authentic superficial way.

Cons are narcissistic, sociopathic, psychopathic. They are communication chameleons. They design themselves, their looks, their speech, actions, activities for mass communication to swindle and trick and bamboozle and deceive people – all to get money, power, and status. They take away people’s freedoms and rights to give themselves demagoguery and became ruthless victimizing dictators. They use high profile, social psychological propaganda lies and media-subversive techniques to manage people and their world. They will make you agree with them unless you can see yourself and see through them. It’s time to do this.

In recent Republican Presidential nominee debates of February 2016, with the five remaining candidates, we have an insane asylum let loose on stage with the two-year-olds in their sandbox slugging it out. It seems “some people are unaffected by enlightenment” (to quote Michael Dyson), and revert back to their present level of psychological development, which is typically immature two-year-olds angrily pointing figures, making slurs, feeling insecure, needing to bully, and being reprehensible with their inappropriate language, swearing, and name-calling.

When it comes to electing a nominee to run for President of the largest country in the world, one wonders about the caliber of people when they resort to talking about one another sweating too much, choking up, being liars, wetting their pants, needing to look longingly in a full-length mirror (narcissistic?), or misspelling words. These verbal cues tell us the individuals are at the oral-anal stage of psychological development -- the earliest stage according to Freudian analysts.

Perhaps our society is still only at the 2-3 year-old stage after two million years of human evolution. Nevertheless, we can do better than having puerile, psychopathic, egotistical, self-aggrandizing, greedy persons running the so-called free world.

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