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People Need to Learn to Live with The Creator & The Creation; Dirty Oil or Pure Sunlight?

People Need to Learn to Live with The Creator & The Creation;
Dirty Oil or Pure Sunlight?

People need to learn to live with The Creator, with Her Creation, with themselves, their family, neighbours, and All Our Relations -- or they will remain split off from their true nature. Nowadays, people are unconscious, bored, lost, depressed, inauthentic, soulless, robotic and the walking dead.

The dyadic bipolar nature of people’s existence leaves them with significant spiritual, psychological, mental, emotional, physical, and relational and social dis-eases. The segmented structure of our lives is mind v body, ego v soul, superego v shadow, good v evil, selfish greed v compassionate sharing – summarized as love v hate.

For the most part, in our present stage of human species evolution, we are still tots and two-year olds. In this state, we are prone to reactive-judgmental frames of emotions, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, values, attitudes, worldview and actions. More and more, this is why we have despots ruling us in politics and governance, corporations and business, the media and advertising, churches and religious institutions, education and innovation, and courts and the racist penal system.

This is because most people let the state and the outer world control their minds, feelings, dreams, path and life from birth to death. Most people have not even thought of self-actualizing or finding spiritual-psychological Self-realization.

When we understand both these certainties – the immature state of the human species and the lack of actual individuation and lasting self-determination by individuals and groups, we find clarity concerning the unfolding chaotic state of our lives, societies, and geopolitics. We live reactively from our egos, unconscious, and dark hidden shadows. Our unconscious calamitous shadows regularly and unknowingly respond tragically with our misbeliefs and misperceptions of the Creator, Her Creation, other people and of course ourselves. Tragically, we create our dismal, gloomy existence by angrily threatening the Creator, Her Earth and resources, other races, genders, sexual orientations and ethnicities. Out of fear, ignorance, anxiety, and a inwardly felt lack of confidence heightened by an outwardly reactive superiority swagger, we lash out, do immoral acts, become base and unholy -- even evil and wicked.

Such is our time. It is getting worse. We have lowered the bar in terms of what we allow ourselves to accept personally, socially and internationally. We have acquiesced to more violence and murder in the streets and schools, more collateral damage of civilian dead in bombings, more lies and corruption by corporate CEOS and politicians in all levels of misgovernance.

We are living an ominous, dystopic dark vision of our future. We have created a collective dark night of the soul. Before the light comes again, we must go through the realms of hell and purgatory that Dante outlined in “The Divine Comedy.” Our murky shadows are leading us towards the great light hidden in the deepest moral human darkness – once again. As if the twentieth century with its many wars and holocausts was not enough for us to learn and evolve.

Who is keeping us in the dark? Is it we ourselves? And who else? What is being concealed must be revealed. What is secret must be made sacred and a sanctuary for all. What is invisible must be seen through truth-speaking. What is closeted must come out of the box of silence, nefarious deals, and elite secret attempts to end the human species.

This “House of Cards” -- to use the title of an American political drama series on themes of ruthless political pragmatism, manipulation, and power – has been falling for decades socially, culturally, economically and politically. Now we can see the truth.

Dirty Oil or Pure Sunlight?

Here is one example of how the dark shadow side of our nature rules our lives, culture and society: for at least one hundred years, we have had a choice for our collective needs for heat, energy, and industrial and engineering processes. We can use either the Sun’s energy or underground dirty coal or oil. Symbolically our choices have been made in two ways: unconsciously through the parts of our dark psyche that rule our personal, family and collective existence; and by allowing greedy corrupt men to make money from dirty coal, oil, and gas extraction -- all to line their pockets, and to keep the rest of the populace penniless, impoverished, and impotent.

The Sun is pure, clean, free Source energy that is renewable, sustainable, and shares millions of year’s worth of resources. To use this power of origin would give us many creative innovative options. It also would suggest we would be consciously living from the light of our own souls -- our true innermost divine human nature of goodness, clarity, purity, and infinite power.

However, history shows that centuries ago at the beginning of the Industrial Western period (now in the second post-Industrial phase), we chose to use dark, dirty, toxic, non-renewable underground, hard-to-extract coal, oil, dirty bitumen (Alberta tar sands), gas, shale gas, and fracked gas. These sun-plant, millions-of-years-old mineral deposits are hard to extract, labour-intensive, harmful to human workers, expensive to extract, major cancer-causing toxic pollutants, destroying the land, waters, air, fish, wildlife, nearby human communities. The one benefit is to create major profits for corporate elite. Around the world, these global carbon-pollution extractions, along with mining, exploit treaty and non-treaty First Nations lands and communities. They cause damage to the earth’s ecosystem that will take thousands of years to repair. Toxic tailing ponds that will rarely be removed, instead often flowing onto precious farm or community lands. The causes of colonialism, capitalism, and social divide-and-conquer techniques create endless systemic eco-social disasters on so many levels.

Each human in every society knows in his/her conscience that we are all of mixed morality – sometimes good and sometimes not, depending on our natures and circumstances. We too often give in and choose our dark, evil, devilish side.

This we see clearly in the ways we harm ourselves through addictions, self-recrimination, hurtful behaviours, low self-confidence and negative self-beliefs. We experience this in our family interactions and systems, which are often based on shaming, intimidation, harsh expectations, incriminations, scapegoating, and lack of acceptance and love.  These realities are also evidenced at work or business. All the governmental, educational, justice, military, and other social-cultural institutions are shame-based and work through power, control, domination, intimidation – arousing fear, anxiety, mistrust, anger, outrage, and dread in each of us. We are prisoners of our lower, darker nature. That we prefer raw war and participating or watching murder and death so often points to the fact that we cannot deal with our own inner Hitlers -- our own unconscious anti-Christs. Finally, one day, we must conquer our fears, in particular our fear of death that freezes so much of our personal energy, and castrates our courage for beneficent creativity. Oppenheimer understood this only after creating the atomic bomb.

Collectively, from an even more instinctual lower level, we continue to live our blood lust, our greed lust, our desolation lust and our death wishes everyday around the world. This has been so since the dawn of humanity. History, even the history written by the winners shows us this dark and darkening side.

Revelation, Resolution, and Opening to our Higher Nature:
Here Comes the Sun

“Here comes the sun
Here comes the sun, and I say, it’s all right
Little darling it’s been a long, cold lonely winter
Little darling it feels like years since it’s been here
Here comes the sun….”
(The Beatles)

Solar power, light energy has been part of our psyche and psychology forever. We are made of light and pure energy, not matter. We crave the light in winter. We get depressed and get SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) when the Sun does not shine.

Tesla and many others have shown us how to develop, build and utilize solar and free energy, whether from air, water, hydrogen or helium. There are wind, wave, electromagnetic and many other kinds of renewable, sustainable and free energies. So far, for the most part, we chose not to use them. In most cases, corporate heads, governmental, and military heads have killed the inventors, hidden the technology, and secretly used it for their own benefits -- all the while denying the public the right and opportunity to supply their needs with these less expensive, renewable, more eco-friendly energy sources.

What does this say about human nature -- what makes us tick, how we relate to life, others and ourselves? It says that we prefer Hyde over Dr. Jekyll; the monster over the miracle-maker, the shadow over the saint, the dark over the light, the evil over the good, the cruel over the compassionate, the selfish over the selfless, the zombie over the soulful, the automaton over the individuated strong hero-heroine.

We choose being screwed over to being free. We choose chains over championing our courage. We choose slavery over self-actualization. We choose to be angry, depressed and fearful rather than being strong, powerful, decisive, and love-oriented. We choose boredom, angst, and struggling for survival over being brave, authentic, and real. We can thrive, strive, co-create, and find and live our higher nature.

In titanic ways -- through our constant inner wars and continuing outer murderous wars -- we sink into oblivion with our deadly, desperate, deepening darkness.

We rise to our angelic supernal side when we have the guts to do our inner work to transform our dark night of the ego into our bright light of the soul.

The ground you walk on is full of gold and diamonds. The fish are swimming with you into your future. Birds bridge the sky and heaven for you now.

“Shine bright like a diamond
Shine bright like a diamond
Find light in the beautiful sea
I choose to be happy
You and I, you and I
We’re like diamonds in the sky”

Posted by: Joseph Martin Saturday Feb 27, 2016 12:54
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