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Economized Human Capitalist Corporate Borgs

Economized Human Capitalist Corporate Borgs

Economize means to limit or reduce; to cut back, to split. This is what human beings and our species have become – human doings. We have become economized human cyborgs. We have been sidelined into one fragment of our complex divine social inheritance. The threads of fabric of our supreme spiritually intricate nature have been pulled out, one after another, over the past centuries through industrialization, capitalization, colonization, commercialization, and corporatization.

Thus we have decapitated the soul of individuals and poisoned the world soul. We have cartooned and declassed cultures locally and globally. We have created a vacuous world-view by losing our vision and destroying the world – a zero world-view using our zero sum games. 

Now all that is left are zombies bent on selling selling selling. And robots programmed to buy buy buy. The millennial and younger generations are indoctrinated by the dogma of dead capital spread through the virus of deceitful stock market and mortgage ploys, plays, and propaganda. The public is confabulated and confused by the Con Game of capitalists and politicians.

All the inner psychological diamonds have been trashed. The gold of the soul has been melted down and sold on Wall Street, hoarded by the billionaire elite. By economizing people – splitting them off from their heart-truth-soul, and making a cult of capitalism -- we have created non-entity personalities, soulless, spiritless sociopath savages.

Higher intelligence has become ingrained bored, insane, materialistic conditioning. We have been dumbed down to desperation, despair, depression and doping. The millennials and the younger generations are force-fed the ideology of the imprisoning poison of money, until it has turned their minds rabid with yearning to learn about economy, and building up their material and monetary resources – without having any knowledge of or connection to the inner spiritual soul resources of the one true Source.

The modern psyche has been split since industrialization, commercialization and the dominant religion of capital for at least three hundred years. Colonization has been the all-consuming, crucifying curse and cancer of the last five hundred years. This infectious disease of greed has been spread by war, rape, and resource destruction. It is the ongoing Black Death of human bondage and rapacious energy vampirism for more more more. There is no vaccine, no immunity from this; very few can stop the illness from claiming all their thoughts, values, attitudes, and choices. Nobody knows how much is enough.

The state sponsors and supports their plan of assisted suicide of social masses through media, advertising, amnesiac education, and judicial, social and political institutions. Children and adults are not taught to think for themselves – only to regurgitate useless facts. We have all been turned into baseless bored bulimics bringing up what is not human, or divine to take in. This has been done belligerently and bombastically by base beings who have no interest in supporting truth, healing, self-honouring, soul-awakening or self-determination of individuals, cultures and groups.

People’s minds have been economized in several ways. All they can think about and strive for is money, savings, land, resources and the economic imperative as emperor ruling and ruining their lives. People’s minds have been economized also by limiting their contact with Spirit. Children are not taught to connect with the Great Mystery in and around them, with the Creator who made them. People’s minds have been economized by reducing their contact with the truth and learning to think for themselves, ask the right questions, and choose their own path. People’s minds have been split off from their soul, their heart, their inner world, their own truth. This will prove disastrous for individuals and the human collective hive as it has in past centuries and millennia through dictators, demagogues and anti-Christs taking over people’s minds and wills -- engaging world self-destruct on massive levels – Napoleon, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and many others.

People’s minds with this amnesiac propagandized education system we have worldwide have been split off from their own psyche and conscience. The psyche represents all our unconscious thoughts, feelings, memories, values, attitudes, personal individual truths, and dreams, goals, intentions. Each of us are 96% unconscious of our own selves. Education, as it exists today, does not support us in engaging our own personal paths and ourselves as heroes and heroines in our own lives. Instead, what passes as education turns us into planned automatons, zombies, robots, cyborgs, cling-ons, the walking dead, the obedient imprisoned serfs and slaves. The workers for the elite, the oppressed of the earth. It has ever been thus.

Where is soul-making? Where is Spirit connection? Which culture supports these innate strivings? One after another, rich cultures from the past ethnic groups of our world have fallen to colonization, war, take-overs, take-downs, ruined democracies, endless bombings; and the murder of the men, and the raping of the women and children. It still continues.

When will this generation or any future generation stop this psychological and socio-political fragmentation? What will it take? How will people wake up? Will there need to be two 9/11s? Or three 9/11s?

Love is supreme. It created the multiverse and all matter and beings. Love sets us free -- we all have inklings of this. Love over fear. Courage over control. Wisdom over wishing. Fullness and soul expansion over economizing and limitations of capitalism, education and commercialization.

Your life is turning into a commercial. The presidential election soap dramas are turning into con games, two-year-olds in a sandbox trying to act like mature adults which none of us are.

You have a choice. You are a Christ -- not a commercial. You are alive -- not a two-dimensional adulant slave to place an X vote on someone else’s chessboard.

Be adamant. Be an adult. Be active. Be aware and awake. Be love.

Posted by: Joseph Martin Saturday Feb 27, 2016 10:16
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