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Psychological Labelling and Socialization into Bipolarity, OCD and PTSD.

Psychological Labelling and Socialization into
Bipolarity, OCD and PTSD.
Joseph Martin, Ph.D.

My life’s work has been to find and utilize ancient, modern, futuristic cross-cultural medical and shamanic traditions with positive, helpful, effective modalities, techniques and methodologies that bring hope, love, creativity, courage and unity within the spirit-mind-body-soul.

This article comes from my personal experience in dealing with those individuals who have been misdiagnosed, labeled, and mistreated by the psychological and psychiatric institutional systems.

Being an insider and mostly an outsider of the social institutional systems, and having worked within these systems, the purpose of this writing is to suggest that we are all “victims” of socialization and labeling by those in power within the system. The process, as psychologists Carl Jung, Erich Fromm and Viktor Frankl have said is to become an individual and no longer be controlled by the social collectivization of personality – instead, to create personal individuation and independence. As in all coming-to-consciousness within self-liberation and group-liberation movements, we have to awaken ourselves, cognitively understand the issues, and then take action inwardly and outwardly to emancipate ourselves.

After much clinical experience in my own process, and with many hundreds of others, my understanding is that Bipolarity, OCD, and PTSD are endemic to society as a direct and indirect result of the negative mind-numbing and soul-deadening constraints and results of the social-cultural and institutional systems. And that a deeper understanding of the inner human purposes of Bipolarity, OCD and PTSD will uncover our liberation.

Within the last 100 years, since the start of World War I, the social values, the worldview, the ethos of nation state societies has been towards conformity. Dystopian books like “1984” by George Orwell and many others show the robotic, deadening effect of society upon the individual. Hence we find the cultural relevance and intensity of movies about robots and technology taking over the world. The great danger of the lack of individuality and independent thinking is the increasing risk of fascism, totalitarian governments and the lapsed moral unthinking of the population, as happened in Hitler’s Germany. The signs are present now worldwide for yet another global holocaust. The only prevention is for enough conscious individuals to become rational critical thinkers, open-hearted, and courageous warriors. When this is done, we can hopefully avoid further bloodshed and tyranny at home and abroad.

in order for this to happen, we need to cognitively be aware of how cultural values and social-psychological restrictions impact our thinking, our feeling, our lifestyles, and our hopeful, creative futures.

First off, it would seem that the human species is created to be “bipolar” – not in a psychological sense, only in an anatomical and gender-based sense. Anatomically, we have two of most things – brain hemispheres, eyes, ears, nostrils, lungs, kidneys, testicles, arms, hands, legs, and feet. We have, for the most part, two biological genders, notwithstanding multiple culturally accepted genders in indigenous tribes, some of whom have five recognized genders. In strict biological terms, with the exception of hermaphrodites, we have two biological sexes. Two is part of our biological, psychological and social-cultural structure as humans --  hence bipolarity is a given. The key is to transform the two into one on as many levels as possible.

In terms of our cognition, we recognize difference in learning and early childhood development through discriminating between bipolar pairs of opposites – boy girl, up down, in out, day night, left right, and so on. So our individual psychological development arises through bipolar thinking systems and patternings.

At the more complex social levels of human groups and aggregates, we have distinctions between races, ethnic groups, languages, religions, the “us and them” social patterning which leads to difference, and depending on the human use of either consensus or difference --  we create peace or war, based on our abilities to love or to hate.

Most societies and nation states unconsciously project the negative, hateful, fearful aspects of the dark side of their own society onto an opposing group or nation and then go out to bomb and destroy them. George Bush’s “axis of evil” is only one example. Hitler’s extermination of Jews, gays, the elderly the infirm, and the mentally ill is one more example.

Social systems and health institutions are based unconsciously on the “bipolar” model of health and illness. Herein lies the “Labeling Theory” we speak of as anthropologists. Within the mental health system in Canada, psychiatrists and staff label someone with a mental illness they do not intrinsically have; obviously labeling of someone with Bipolar, OCD, and PTSD makes their daily life and psychological experience more negative, damaging, self-abusive, and self-hateful, and their life experience more pessismistic.

Every psychological anxiety, fear, worry, concern is basically a Spiritual Emergency and must be treated this way. Unfortunately, it never is within the system. Only anti-psychotic, anti-depression, anti-anxiety medications are used. And many of these create suicidal thoughts and actions, and have toxic biochemical side-effects.

The video Bipolarized is a telling example of how the health system fails the individual, and how alternative, ancient, and complementary treatments bring healing, wholeness, and a calm, peaceful, creative, loving life, once transformation of childhood emotions are fully dealt with.

Bipolar symptoms of manic thoughts and actions, emotional instability, depression, and suicidal thoughts are simply positive signs of a deeper yearning for a full soul-spirit-mind-body healing. And this can be accomplished as we release the need for multiple addictions and find the core of ourselves – purpose, meaning, love, passion, being in the flow or Tao of the universe and energies of All That Is. This can be accomplished, and those who do will become “uhkwehu:weh” or “true-hearted good people” as we say in Mohawk. Life is only meaningful once we become authentic, vulnerable, real, loving and true to our own Self.

The next article will be on how most of us unknowingly have PTSD and are not dealing with it at all or appropriately. These issues stem from childhood verbal, emotional and physical abuse by parents; spousal abuse; sports injuries; falling; car or bicycle accidents; wartime; military service; bullying; and other activities.

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