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Around the world at this time, scientists, healers, mothers, fathers and students of all backgrounds are showing a renewed interest in remembering and knowing that they are a Soul, intimately connected with the Universal Spirit known as Source.  They are throwing off their delusions of identity in realizing they are not their minds, feelings, emotions, bodies, ethnicity, religion, age or gender.  It is the appointed time in Earth history for a global human evolution into a unified consciousness of each person’s true nature as an infinite, immortal Divine-human being, not a “doing”. 

If you consider the last two thousand years, since the advent of ancient Greek philosophy and Christian thought, you will see that there is a widespread knowing that each person is a Soul, with a thinking process of mind and will, a feeling process with emotional states and a bio-physiological body.  More importantly, scientists, individuals and cultures have realized, through the dreaming, as well as visionary and meditative states and practices, not to mention near-death and after-life experiences, that the Soul exists continuously in etheric spirit and is released there upon physical “death”. 

The primacy of the Etheric Spirit within the vehicle of the Soul is being remembered and understood by many millions across the planet today.  From this initial Body, the Causal-Mental Body originates creating archetypal thought-forms, both personal and collective.  Evolving from this Body, the Astral-Emotional Body attaches feelings and emotional states to the thought-forms, whether they are conscious or unconscious in nature.  These feeling states give the richness to the human experience.  Joy comes from non-attached emotions; pain and suffering comes from attached emotions, as Buddha has stated.  And lastly in the creation of God’s plan for the types of human bodies, the physical body has the “breath” (ruach, Hebrew) blown into it. 

One understands this truth from the book of Genesis shared by Jews, Christians and Muslims, as well as in the ancient Hindu texts such as the Ayur-Veda.  The knowledge of the Four Bodies is Ancient and is being once again understood by people at this time.  The most important awareness is to realize that each person is a spiritual etheric being, having a human experience with Mental, Emotional and Bio-physiological Bodies.  When you perceive this in your full consciousness, all will make sense.  Some will need to reassess their social and cultural upbringing and mental-emotional filters in order to de-condition their materialistic and reductionistic false perceptions of the Divine human being.

The truth is that each human being, past or present, is created to be Pure Celestial Light and Unconditional Compassionate Divine Love.  Anything to the contrary is a false perception.  You will come to understood more fully how each of you depends on this Higher Universal Light for your very existence.  You need to take the Light into your eyes, your endocrine glands, your blood, your heart, your organs, systems, cells and DNA in order to survive, metabolize, grow and evolve.  You also live as Pure Divine Love and Grace, which heals all wounds and separations—whether of the Spirit, Soul, mind, emotions and/or body. 

As you come to consciously realize once again that you are an immortal Love-Light Being of infinite creativity, vitality and co-responsibility, you will remember your Soul purpose for this particular incarnation.  All will eventually discover this Truth about their innermost Identity as a Daughter and Son of God-Goddess, and as co-creators with the Universal Divinity of All That Is. 

Surrendering, opening, allowing and receiving the wisdom of Source Healing in every one of your Four Energy Bodies, will give you simultaneously the healing, awareness and energy flow of reconnection with Universal Spirit that is so needed for your personal and collective healing and evolution at this time.  Far too many are sick and dying when there is no need for this at all.  Incremental approaches to healing through symptoms and the Physical Body alone have proven inadequate for many centuries.  Perhaps it is time to open to the holistic, systemic approach to healing through the Etheric Spiritual Body which is your truest nature. 

In Holistic Medicine, such as Homeopathy and Naturopathy, the Law of Similars is known and used as a primary method for the science of healing.  With regard to the higher nature of human beings as souls with etheric Spirit, it is clear that etheric healing from the Soul’s Source in Universal Love-Light will be the only deepest, truest constitutional remedy for the ailments, separations and unworthiness that most humans seem to experience.  Simply, etheric healing from Universal Love-Light Source is the highest, best remedy for spiritual beings with an etheric nature.   Only a similar remedy on the logical level of the cause of the dis-ease will create the appropriate manifestation of healing.  Etheric remedies create healing in the Etheric Body, the source of all health and illness.  In this case, as Ayurveda shows, healing in the Etheric Spiritual Body will likewise create healing in the subsequent Causal-Mental, Astral-Emotional and Bio-physiological-Physical Bodies.   

Posted by: Joseph Martin Friday Feb 28, 2014 10:42
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