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This book is for those who want to radically decondition themselves from the cult-like imprisonment of parents and society – old attitudes, values and beliefs that have little or nothing to do with you, your unique soul being and your life’s journey. This book is for those who want to realize that the conditioned ego robotic mind is not who you are. This ego is not the real you. Your authentic soul and Self are buried in your unconscious underneath all the crap that society feeds you. You are not your mind or your thoughts, not ever.

The process discussed in this book is to inspire you and give you knowledge to understand these ideas and accomplish this transformational work. While reading this book, do think and act for yourself, find out who you are and why you are here on your personal journey.


Opening your heart might be the one thing that will change your life for the better. If you are worried, anxious, and fearful, opening your heart will help. If you are sad, depressed and grieving, opening your heart is the answer. If you are angry, judgmental, and revengeful, opening your heart will heal you.

Perhaps you have a severe illness, are concerned about money, have lost your job or relationship, and don’t know what to do for your future, then open your heart--for nothing else will support or give you hope.

The global economic slide and the fiscal cliff, greenhouse gases and climate warming, earth-air-water pollution, lack of retirement funds, overpopulation, viral pandemics, and increasing violence at home and abroad affect us all in our psyches---consciously and unconsciously, individually and collectively.

You may be wondering how to cope. You are hoping to move out of your devastating feelings about simply surviving, and question how to thrive in your life while you are here.

There is always only one answer – open your heart.

Because it’s the only way you will ever be truly happy. And being happy is the one thing everyone on planet Earth wants and needs more than anything else.

And because lasting peace on Earth between individuals and nations will only come when more--even most people--decondition themselves from their false ego personalities, open their hearts, learn to listen and share, and “do unto others as they would have others do unto them.”

Think about this truth. There is more power in one person totally opening their heart to an awakened state than in all the atom bombs of the world going off at the same time.

And if you are among the vast majority who are in this state of perplexing confusion, there’s one thing you can do now for yourself--connect with your unconscious where your soul and psyche are hidden and then create your own unique future. Relating to your unconscious and superconscious, and living from your soul merged with a reborn ego, instead of from an impersonal, robotic socialized ego can be the path forward for you. It will take some conscious effort and you need to be ready for this.

Most of us are taught to be either in our heads or bodies--but not in our hearts. Schools, institutions and work require us to use our minds. Sports training and certain jobs make us utilize our bodies. I am all for minds and bodies--of course centered in Spirit. It is wise to know that the heart is the key unifying Source.

Because fewer than 4% of the 7 billion people on the planet are authentically in their heart and operate from there, the world is at war and in severely troubled times.

The Third World War is already upon us. And it starts and lives in every person’s mind—consciously and unconsciously. Yes, the Third World War is inside me, you and each of us.

We have been through two World Wars in the last 100 years, plus too many ethnic cleansings--the Third World War of “all against all” is with us now. Inter-racial conflicts, neighbourhood nastiness, bullying, and cyber-intrigue are the results of individuals and groups not being in their hearts. People constantly listen to the negative, conditioned, belief-oriented thoughts in their minds and take this as reality. Then they violently react from these thoughts. They bury and deny the true authentic feelings and intuitions of their heart.

What a waste. All they need to do is bomb the hell out of their negative thoughts, and get in their hearts. Then they will know that we are all one sisterhood-brotherhood, one human family of great and fascinating variation. And that what we do to others we do to ourselves.

It’s easy and natural to be in our heart. We need to ask ourselves why it’s so hard to accomplish. We are the most brilliant, creative, and spiritual species, and yet we are the most ignorant, stupid, self-hating and self-defeating species. Everything we create and love we eventually destroy–whether relationships or civilizations. This is because we are split between our false ego consciousness and our unconscious heart and soul. The two sides need to come together in each and all of us; otherwise we will never have peace.

To paraphrase one of my great mentors, Carl Gustav Jung, “We are the origin of all coming evil. We are pitifully unaware of ourselves. We know nothing of human nature.”

The Consequences

This is a small book about how I learned to keep my heart open and how you can too.

If you want to be happy, you can only do this by opening your heart.

If you want to be and stay healthy, you must open your heart.

If you want to have loving, caring, intimate relationships with your significant other, family, friends, neighbours and co-workers--only opening your authentic compassionate heart will give you the possibility of living such a life.

If you want to be successful in your own entrepreneurial business or chosen career, you will only be so when you learn how to open your heart, truly listen, be compassionate and be a team player with enthusiastic positive emotions.

If you want to make a difference and leave a lasting legacy in this world, only an open heart will accomplish this.

When is it time to start being happy and opening your heart? Now.

Previously, you may have felt like a hurt, depressed, abused victim for most or all of your life. So have billions of others. What will make the difference for you? The only answer is finding and living your truth from your heart and soul, and turning your mind and negative thoughts into becoming a victor. Unless and until you do, you will be miserable, angry, childish and looking for revenge or compensation. Otherwise your robotic false ego personality will rule and ruin your life.

You will never grow up spiritually, mentally, emotionally and psychologically until you do.

And you will never take full Self-responsibility, and feel Self-respect, Self-worth and Self-love until you open your heart. Guaranteed. What is Self and why a capital “S?” Self is your higher spiritual psychological nature hidden inside the center of your heart.

The Longest Journey

You may have traveled all over the world. You may have had lots of amazing and challenging experiences. You may have lots of education and money. However, the longest journey, which 96% of people will never make during their lives, is to move 12 inches. Yes, that’s right, 12 inches--dropping your conscious mind from your head into your heart.

As you might already intuit, if you continue to live in your head, you will never be happy.

Why don’t we live in our heart already?

Beyond being controlled by a computerized, information seeking, acculturated ego, it’s mostly because of three sets of emotions:

Anger, rage, shame, guilt, embarrassment;
Sadness, grief, loneliness, depression;
Fear, terror, dread, death.

You aren’t living in your heart yet because most likely your parents don’t or didn’t, and your extended family, friends, teachers, priests and politicians don’t. Living in our hearts is not an essential part of what we teach and speak about at home, at school or in society. It’s not how the vast majority of people operate every day. Most folks seem to be caught in or prefer judgment, competition, selfishness, greed, insecurity, misery, depression, and fears.

There are over 500 kinds of fears, which need working on. However, for now we’ll just consider that fears of various kinds stop us from being and feeling alive. Mostly we’re the “walking dead” -- those who have never felt love or really feel alive at all.

We are the zombies, vampires, werewolves, changelings and other dark creatures from our collective unconscious. These days, the majority of TV shows are about these kinds of beings. They come from and resonate with our own lives and our personal and collective unconscious. Why the fascination with vampires? One main reason is that if you don’t have your own authentic life, you will always want to steal life, energy and goodness from others. Hmmm. Something to think about in this global Vampire Society.

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