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Ian Jessop of Victoria's CFAX1070 radio interviews Joseph Martin concerning the spiritual autobiography, Living in Two Words—A Life of Love.

Discussion revolves around conversations in the spirit world with composers, music training, health and heart challenges, my several near-death experiences, my recent heart surgery 11 months ago, coming from an abusive alcoholic war-torn family, transforming negative mental chatter and inner fears through meditation and yoga, visualization, creating powerful intentions, ego versus soul, strengthening your will power, attaining your life's dreams and goals, and overcoming personal shame in a shame-based society.

Click here to hear the interview from September 17, 2013.

Joseph invites you to watch his new series of You Tube Videos on various topics described below: 

Introduction to Karmic Clearing. 
An introduction to understanding the spiritual and psychological necessity to clear your karma from past lives and this life, in order to take full self-responsibility to create a better positive life for yourself. This is the first of many videos on this and other related topics.